Impulse shopping

Once in a while, I need to do a bimbotic girly post to remind people that I’m a girl!

Not that all girls are bimbotic but, well, mostly only girls are, as opposed to guys.

So, I went shopping today and bought a whole bunch of stuff! It’s kinda hazardous shopping with the girls because everyone’s delighted squeals make stuff look more appealing so that you must buy them.

The worst part is that we didn’t even plan to go shopping in the first place. We were just killing time after our nail spa and makan, waiting for the guys to finish their spa session.

Mousepad with attached wrist rest. (Mouse not included)

Passport holder.

Inside of passport holder.

Butterfly hairband.

Travel toothbrush and toothpaste.

Post-it pad.

Fluffy pen.

Panda corkboard.

Mini shredder.

Pink coaster.

Pink handphone strap.

Paper clips or bookmarks.


All these stuff are from only two shops in Bugis Junction, mostly from Art Box, which has the cutest things!

Will be going to China at the end of this month.

More shopping!

I think if I were to attempt to photograph everything I am planning to buy in China, I would probably die trying.

We’ll see!

10 thoughts on “Impulse shopping

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    hi sheylara!

    im jasmine and i’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now. i know that u’re a part time actress. im waiting for A level results and am very interested in acting/emcee-ing. can you give me the contact numbers of people whom i can approach for part time acting? you can email me at or via my blog at i prefer to work with mediacorp instead of private companies. thanks in advance!

    love, jasmine.

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    @Shu fen – Haha. I think I do that too much. :P

    @Rx – Thanks! :) i got the mousepad at Art Box in Bugis Junction (#03-06)

    @Soxace – Lol does it? I think it would be tedious. :P And I think it looks like a mini hamster cage!

    @RN1209 – Why are the pajamas ridiculous? I think they’re the most useful of the lot… And I don’t remember seeing the shredder in black.

    @tvbaddict – Haha no idea. I use already then tell you.

    @Jasmine – Hi jasmine, send me an e-mail and I’ll forward you some links. :)

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