I want Play-Doh for adults!

Some months ago, I went nuts and spent $70 on a bunch of fake mini pastries.

Miniature pastries

Yes, I know, it’s really nuts how much these things cost! But Fancy Pocket had a 35% discount that day, and I had long been drawn to these cuties, always tempted to buy them.

I had planned to zhng my DS Lite with them because my Hello Kitty bling case broke. I know what I bought was probably excessive but I just couldn’t help myself. They’re all so cute!

Miniature pastries

Okay, there’s a point to this and I’m coming to it.

(But side-track first: I still haven’t zhnged my DS after months cos I just keep getting distracted by other stuff. Plus I have no idea how I’m going to do it. Story of my life. Okay end of side-track.)

As you might know, recently, I’ve been playing this board game called Agricola. (Try it! Even people who’re not into board games love it!)

The game involves the use of tiny game pieces which we call meeples. (Technically, meeples refer only to humanoid pieces but for the sake of simplicity, I’ll just use the term generally.)


They’re tiny wooden blocks and discs and strips, used to represent people, farm animals, vegetables, resources, stables and fences.

(Agricola is a farming game.)

If you feel rich, you can pay extra to get third-party meeples that are more accurately shaped.



We bought these and were so pleased with ourselves!

But, today, while surfing the net, I found the most amazing thing. This guy had used polymer clay to make his own meeples!



>> Click here to see the rest of his awesome creations < <

They look so much better do they not?!!

After seeing this, I felt a burning itch to make my own! So I went and did a bit of research and then realised that the mini pastries I had brought are probably made of polymer clay, too.

That means if I learn how to work with polymer clay, I will be able to make as many cute pastries as I want to!!!!


I’ve always loved miniatures, especially food miniatures. I can stare at them for hours in toy shops!

I also love doing craftwork. See this felt strawberry I made!

Felt strawberry

It’s part of this DIY cake set I bought.

Felt cake

Um… I have finished making all the fruits but not the cake. I kinda put the project aside for a while and forgot about it until today. =P

Oh, am now chatting with the Goonfather, who is also very enthusiastic about making miniatures. He reminded me that I’ve always wanted to buy those burger-making Play-Doh sets but never did because they’re, like, so juvenile!



Wahahaha I am so happy phear meh!!!!!

I want to take polymer clay-making lessons and am considering a few places I found online. But I would like to hear personal recommendations if there are any.

Okay, okay?! Let’s talk about clay!!


26 thoughts on “I want Play-Doh for adults!

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    Erhm, polymer clay must bake in an oven also ah? CUz that guy mentioned using the “sow and bake bread” option…

  2. Avatar

    There’re books and plenty of sites on the net about polymer clay crafts. Sounds better to just subscribe to a shorter (and cheaper) course to pick up the basics fast!

  3. Avatar

    @Kim – Yep, great advice! :)

    @Soxace – You played with Play Doh before? Hahaha. Was it fun?

    @Realliveman – Ermmm…. wouldn’t you rather make real ones to eat?

    @ByPassing – Yeah! :)

  4. Avatar

    @lavenderine: (Super belated reply) it’s bought from Mini Toons :P

    @syafiqah: Erm…. it’s made of felt. But inside it’s cotton. :P

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    Can i have you contact number? Seems like you so happy to me! By the way what is felt? I thought felt is a feeling!! HAHA!!!

  6. Avatar

    Hello? Are you replying your website?? I always give my classmates my phone number, but EXCEPT FOR BOYS! I would not give them!!

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