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    What about being respectful to everyone (Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, etc) who observe the Lunar calendar? Figure there’s more of us then them…

    Think McD’s should bring the McRib over to SG to be respectful of those of us who eat pork!

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    Then there should be one doramon covered in leaves…in respect for vegetarians…the current ones are all meat!! Haha

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    Haha….. many good points here. :P

    I figure also that by trying to be respectful to Muslims, McD’s might be inadvertently disrespectful because it’s implying that Muslims are more sensitive than other people.

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    How about closing down the McD’s becasue it’s very existance offends Muslims, Jews, Christians and people with eating disorders?

    I assure you our daughter will not be eating there :P

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    I’m pretty sure they won’t give a rat’s ass about the pig being in there if not for the fact that they are certified halal

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    oh. i didnt knw having a pig doll toy that supposed to be part of thousand-year-old zodiac would make their food not halal. is it edible??

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    methinks it’s a case of being more Muslim than the Muslims, just like some Malays are being more Arab than the Arabs and some Singaporeans are being more Ang Mo than the Ang Mos. Say, did anyone tell McD that Islam also forbids the consumption of Rat meat, Tiger meat, Snake meat, Dragon meat…..

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