Farmer Sheylara crawls out from a hole

I KNOW! I’ve taken such a long break from blogging that you all probably think I’ve crawled away and died somewhere!

But not if you’ve been following me on Twitter or are on my Facebook. If you’re on either, you would have been entertained by my pithy daily life happenings as well as my admirable Facebook game achievements.


Yes, I did resolve to quit playing Facebook games but even as I made that resolution, I knew that it was a weak resolve eclipsed by the all-burning desire to be master of all Facebook games.

Even as I’m typing this, I’m harvesting my apple and pomegranate trees in Farm Country with the absolute certainty that the hours I’m investing daily in cooking virtual food and sowing virtual seeds in farm plots will pay me back multifold at some point of my life.

For example, after only three days of farming, I have been able to earn enough money to set up three factories to make jam, grape juice and flour.

Farm Country

Everyone knows it’s very important to have jam, grape juice and flour factories.

You gotta have goals in your life.

What are my goals in life, you ask?


More immediately, there will be a significant change.

I announced in Twitter and Plurk yesterday that my blog will have a new home and skin today.


I decided to switch to a Singapore-based web host even though it costs 4-5 times more, because my USA host for some reason keeps getting blocked by SingNet proxies. Happened once in Nov 08 but SingNet fixed it for me. And then it happened again last month.

I can’t have my blog being inaccessible to people for weeks. And it may have gone on for months if my kind readers hadn’t informed me.

What’s the point of spending hours and hours making inspiring posts about my Facebook game achievements if half the population of Singapore can’t read them?

So, anyway, new home.


If you notice that my blog loads faster now, let me know, so I can console myself with the fact that the $40 extra a month is well-spent.

And thanks to all of you who helped me test the connectivity to my blog and sent me reports and feedback. It’s very heartwarming to receive so much help! Thank you!

And the new blog skin… will be released later today.

I’m very nervous about it. What if everyone hates it!!

Nanny Wen didn’t like it the first time she saw it but she later said it started to grow on her and she liked it after all. BUT STILL!

Nanny Wen
Nanny Wen’s version of camwhoring.

In any case, it will be changed because the job is done.

So, come back again soon to see it and have a happy 2010!!

Can I add sparklies on my skin with Photoshop?

16 thoughts on “Farmer Sheylara crawls out from a hole

  1. Avatar

    So Sheylara has not hung up her blogging gloves/ netbook/ phone, or whatever it is she blogs with…. RELIEF!!!
    Happy new year and yes it seems faster, particulalrly the comments page.

  2. Avatar

    Wait!!! The Goonfather is a farmer in Farm Country too?? Number 4 on your Farmer Neighbors.

    And how come I know all your neighbors? Are you stalking me or something??? :P

  3. Avatar

    Haha…its a new year! So must have new look!! But I don’t have one for myself cause theres nothing I can really do about it…haha…anyway, we read your blog!! Not to come here just to look at your blog skin! Lolx…one more thing…it loads faster…haha

  4. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Change is always scary, but worth embracing just for the experience:) I see someone’s been busy with the hair curlers…

  5. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Beautiful new look overall. Splendid effort!:) But I think me, tiger4 and tvbaddict will miss the “Top Commenter” segment though:P

  6. Avatar

    Alex: Thanks for your feedback and support! :)

    Realliveman: What is wrong with sparklies!?!?!? And the Goonfather isn’t playing Farm Country. I’m playing it for him on his account. And Restaurant City too. lolol. And I think you’re the one stalking me cos I knew all those people before you did!!

    Dorai: Sorry to hear that. :( I hope it’s just a once-off lag and not a permanent lag for my blog.

    Soxace: Awww, thanks for reading my blog for my blog and not for looks! ;)

    RN1209: I haven’t been curling my hair. I got a permanent perm, remember? :P

    carrotcake: Thank you! :)

    tiger4: Hahaha. Thanks! I’m more afraid of the guys being put off by the colour so I’m glad you like it. :P

    Gary Yang: Thanks!

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