FAQ on the kidney stone

Many questions have been raised over yesterday’s post on the Goonfather’s kidney stone, so I’ve made an FAQ to answer them all in one place.

Kidney stone

Did the stone come out the pee hole?


Did he bleed?


Was it painful when it came out?

He was on heavy painkillers when it came out, so it wasn’t that bad. There was just a quick stabbing pain. Certainly, compared to the pain when the stone was acting up inside, the shooting out was nothing.

The Goonfather in hospital robe

Where was he when it came out?

He was at home and it was the middle of the night. He had been discharged from the hospital because they had already done all the tests, and determined that he could be kept comfortable with strong painkillers. He just had to drink a lot of water to pee the stone out and then he would be alright.

How did he retrieve the stone?

He had been peeing into a container since the day he was discharged. (At the hospital, they gave him a sieve to pee through, lol.)

But because it was the middle of the night that time and he was groggy with sleep, he forgot to use the container and peed right into the toilet bowl.

Then he felt a stab as the stone shot out and he thought, “Oh shit I forgot the container.”

Very luckily, somehow, because he had peed on the side of the bowl instead of directly in the water, the stone stuck to the side instead of sliding down into the water!

He was able to retrieve the stone without difficulty.

The Goonfather in hospital

Did you guys name the stone?

Duh, no.

Will he keep it as a memento?

He would have but for the fact that it’s now a pile of dust, maybe discarded. It had to be sent to the lab to be ground up and analysed.

The analysis is supposed to tell the patient whether the stone was caused by bad diet or by chemical imbalance in the body, which would then require further treatment. In most cases, it’s diet.

His results haven’t come back yet.

Are those sharp edges?

Yes, sharp. And very hard.

Kidney stone

If there are anymore questions, I’ll answer them in the comments.

Remember, you really don’t want this to happen to you. Try to eat healthy but if you can’t, drink more water to compensate!

19 thoughts on “FAQ on the kidney stone

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    No I mean what we as non sufferer should avoid eating. You mentioned things to avoid for a sufferer there.

    So I never kanna before. What kind of food I should avoid eating to avoid stone in my kidney?

  2. Avatar

    Some people are more likely to get kidney stones than others so general advice won’t apply to everyone. But, generally, the foods to be avoided is the same for sufferers and non-sufferers.

    Just that sufferers should avoid more because it’s been proven that they are susceptible to stones, therefore should take more care to prevent them.

    Of course, if you want to be on the safe side, then assume that you’re susceptible and follow the same guidelines!

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    Forget what I said in my last comment of the other post about this being really necessay. This is actually some very good information on kidney stones.


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    isaac: Hi there! :) Nice to meet you!

    Ryangel: He’s good as new now that the stone has come out and the damage to his innards have recovered. :P

    Dallas: But make sure they’re the right greens. Spinach is a no no! lol.

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