Bintan a curse for couples?

So, this week, I’ve got a story of a nightmarish holiday and a story of a perfect holiday.

Well, as nightmarish and perfect as it ever got for me, anyway, which wasn’t all that extreme to be honest.

You’d probably be more interested in the “nightmarish” one because there’s some superstitious mumbo jumbo about how you shouldn’t go to Bintan with your loved one.


It’s not scientifically verified, so don’t get all OMG over it yet. I don’t want to wake up one day and see nasty letters/e-mails waiting for me!

What I want is to hear your experiences, if you have any.

But, before that, READ HERE FIRST.

7 thoughts on “Bintan a curse for couples?

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    hey babe,

    strange! i’ve held the notion that bintan is a curse for *me* and my relationships. haha. didn’t know other peeps have the same views about it.

    went there twice with two different ex-es and shortly after.. well, no prizes for guessing what happened. =( i HATE bintan!

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    @Ade – Haha really? I never heard that one. :P I’ve been to Batam though and my relationship is still fine. :P

    @starmist – Wow, okay another story to confirm the theory! Sorry to hear about your bad experiences, though! *hugs*

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