At a photo shoot

Hello! Logging in from a photo studio somewhere in Chinatown.

At a photo shoot

Am now waiting my turn to be made-up and styled. There’s a TV in the photography room showing a live feed of the makeup room, lol.

At a photo shoot

I’m going to be featured in a magazine next month (which is actually the March issue) but I won’t tell you which till it comes out!

A shoot is in progress now.

I’ve mosaiced the model away cos it’s kinda spoilerish if you get to see her before the magazine is out. Cos she’s the cover girl. I’m afraid my editors will kill me if I reveal anything. LOL.

At a photo shoot

Every inch of her body positioning is dictated by the photographer. So, like, she’d spend half an hour in virtually the same pose with very minor modifications. Like “right hand move an inch lower” kinda thing.

It was like that when I did the Gadget3 cover shoot.

So, like, sometimes, if you see models with wonky, unnatural poses, it’s not their fault.

(Just like if you see bad acting on TV or film, it’s not always the actor’s fault!)

At a photo shoot

Photos that are snapped get fed immediately onto a monitor so the editor and creative director and whoever can see and make comments and shortlist photos that would work.

It’s kind of a tedious process.

The model’s work looks easy, just standing there and moving where told. But it makes all your muscles really stiff and painful when you have to hold the same pose for ages.

I always wonder how art models can stand their jobs. And those live mannequins and statues. It’s nuts!

I think I’m in for a long wait.

Not that I mind all that much, really. I’ve got a book, Fluffy and Ms Cutie. (You need to be a regular reader to know all the names of my gadgets!)

Signing out for now.

10 thoughts on “At a photo shoot

  1. Avatar

    Your friendly neighbourhood police have no idea who Fluffy and Ms Cutie is. For this, I tender my resignation :(

    Looking forward to see the magazine cover

  2. Avatar

    @tiger4: Bro, how can you “anyhowly” tender? Then I patrol with who?:P Anyway, quick revision… Fluffy is her MSI Wind and Miss Cutie is her iPhone lar… but I have no clue who or what “a book” is, hehe…

  3. Avatar

    @tiger4 – I’m not on the cover lah. Just inside. And not to worry, you can patrol together with RN like he said and cover different areas, haha.

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