An alternative wish list

Sometimes, only sometimes…

1) I wish I could cease to exist instantly.
2) I wish I had been born a week later.
3) I wish I had been born someone else.
4) I wish I were a guy.
5) I wish I weren’t a perfectionist.
6) I wish armageddon would happen.
7) I wish for true equality.
8) I wish I could kill people.
9) I wish to run off and become a nun.
10) I wish I were a bad person.

Fortunately, only sometimes.

13 thoughts on “An alternative wish list

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    1) The world would be lesser of a place without you.

    2) You were born when you were supposed to be AND the world would have been a lesser place for a week.

    3)There will never be a more beautiful you. Being somebody else won’t change that

    4) See number 3

    5) It’s always a choice. You can choose not to be or to be a little :)

    6) The world is much to important right now. And right now you are a part of that importance.

    7) If there were, the world could not exist :(

    8) Answer: GTA4! You can do it and not hurt anybody.

    9) No running away. Face whatever causes that desire head on and overcome it.

    10) Why in the world would you want that? Nobody is born good or bad. They become that way.

    11) You forgot one. The wish for a cool super power!

    But I want the superpower ALL the time :P

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    I want hiro’s power….haha…sometimes, I also have the same wishlist…except for the guy part…cause I already am one…:)

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    Oh, funny, I didn’t realise there were people with the same kind of weird wishes. :)

    Superpower… I would choose mind-reading. :D Next choice would be teleportation. I really hate commuting!

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    I can’t do fligh, though. You remember I fear heights and falling sensation. :P

    Steamed bun pffft. You’d get sick of ’em in no time. Then again I suppose you could make a killing selling them with no costs incurred, lol.

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    Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

    I could sell them but I would hardly get sick of them. There is so much you can fill those things with. You just gotta love the Chinese. They invent the coolest things! lol

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