A quickie

Finally an opportunity to post an update!

I’m now at a foot wash/massage centre with free wireless, and am blogging from my phone. So no photos!

But I have tons of photos from the past four days. I hardly know how to start blogging about everything!

I am now so exhausted from shopping, eating and travelling from city to city every day. But happy!

Well, neglecting the fact that I have no Twitter, Plurk and Facebook for six days.

I was able to connect late last night when a friend lent me a, let’s say, “jailbroken” laptop. But I didn’t have time to do much anyway. We have so much to do outdoors every day!

Wish I could have mobile tweeted, though. So much interesting and cool things here!

I bought so much stuff I think I can set up shop when I return home. Haha. I have like 20 watches and 10 or so boots/shoes. Not much clothes because they are still mostly selling winter stuff here.

More shopping tomorrow!

I will be back home late Tuesday night.

I hope you all missed me!! Cos I miss you all! =)

4 thoughts on “A quickie

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    FINALL! A post. I was so worried why you suddenly so quiet. Tot u got kidnapped in China. Haha

    Bwa Kay!!! Now dun tell me those shoes and watches are for other people.

  2. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Of course we missed you lar… this kind of thing still need to ask meh:P Anyways, I’m looking forward to the myriad pics of your loot, hehe:D

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    @Sheylara: No because Twitter together with Facebook, Blogs and Soccernet are all block by my network admin. There’s nothing to surf in office :(

    Bwa Kay = Bua Kay… :P

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