A new era of pinkness

First post on my new blog theme!

So far, the feedback on this garish pink spectacle is positive.

Well, I think the colour is garish, but at the same time it fits with all the elements very harmoniously and delightfully. So I’m really pleased with it.


Most of the credit goes to Lionel and his team of designers at RippleWerkz for doing such a grand job on my new theme and putting up with my fuss for perfection.

Some of the credit goes to Nuffnang for being part sponsor and for introducing me to Lionel.

(As a side note, a lot of credit goes to Nuffnang for helping take my blog to new heights and giving me the opportunity to make a decent living through blogging!)

And a tiny pea of credit goes to me for hounding Lionel every time he shows me a new draft, making him change this and code that to accommodate my crazy requirements.

Lionel was awesome and didn’t strangle me once!

Well, so it’s really more his credit than mine.


Finally, mountains of credit to you, my reader, for helping me make my blog a success by reading and commenting, thereby warranting a new blog theme to celebrate a new era of blogs and blogging!

This new theme will motivate me to blog more often so that I don’t disappear for a week again like I did last week.

In any case, I’ve added a new feature (top right) called Post-it Notes (for want of a better title).

It will allow me to make short little posts on the go, which I’ve always wanted to but could never on the old theme. I didn’t want little posts to push down the longer ones which take me hours to write.

I used to collate all my short posts and publish them five or six at a time as “Bite-Size Sheylara”. Remember?

Bite-Size Sheylara

Anyway, this all just means that there will be more content for you to read more frequently!

Awesomeness, yes? So go tell all your friends to come gawk at all this newness and awesomeness!

And happy new year again!

21 thoughts on “A new era of pinkness

  1. Avatar

    Hooray for pink! :D
    And I love the sides!!!
    What can I say? It’s definitely a refreshing and pleasant change from the old skin~ The bright colors appeal to me!!! :D

  2. Avatar

    yay! nice layout! :D

    you need more pics for your header though! you had me staring at it for 2 mins before I concluded that there are 3 pics in all. You probably can make me stare longer with more pics. XD

  3. Avatar

    Your blog color is now so striking. Together with your pretty header, I have to resize my office browser even smaller to prevent getting caught reading blogs during office hours.

    Btw, my office network administrators are starting to filter all blogs access. Thankfully yours slip thru. :P

  4. Avatar

    Very nice, but StarHub internet has been having lots of lag the last few days so its taking forever to load the site … :(

  5. Avatar

    twiinkle: Thank you! Glad you like it! :)

    Realliveman: Thanks! :)

    Dallas: Happy 2010 and thanks!

    Shu fen:
    Haha. Actually, I wanted more pics for the header but I’m so fussy about my pics I couldn’t find more than 3 to use! And even then, I’m kinda sick of these 3 already and thinking of changing. :P

    tiger4: Oops! Haha sorry for the office-unfriendly theme. :P Hopefully your admins won’t ever catch my blog! :P

    The Goonfather:

    Derrick: I’ve already posted my bicep pics!! :P Go do a search on california fitness to see my gym entries, lol.

    Soxace: No need for comparison since we all have blogs for different purposes. :P

    Morte: Funny. I’m using StarHub but haven’t experienced any lag these few days.

  6. Avatar


    Totally love the new look!!! Very pink and I like!!! Oh yes, Goonfather, I do feel like a bandung too. 3 cheers to super pink!!! Ya!!!!

  7. Avatar

    Well like the new design, layout and colours. So hopefully this will drive you to blog often for year 2010.

    Cheers have always enjoy your blogs btw I new here.

  8. Avatar

    mione: Thanks, dear! Your comments are always so sweet! :)

    Thank you monster! Haha. You’ve liked pink even longer than I have, like forever. Three cheers to the pink queen! ;)

    Alex: Hmm.. your office is very open concept?

    Passer by: Thank you! It always makes my day when people tell me they enjoy my blogs. :) Will do my best to update as much as possible! ;)

    Shirley: Yay to all pink lovers! :D Happy new year!

  9. Avatar

    Yes open plan, which is actually something i like a lot except when i am trying to read my favorite blog and my monitor suddenly turns bright pink

  10. Avatar

    @Sheylara: One question (but don’t bisH me, please)… how do I go from one entry to another? There used to be “Previous” and “Next”-type links to click on…

  11. Avatar

    Alex: OOps… Sorry, my bad. Hahaa.

    RN1209: Well, my designers didn’t think to include those links and I didn’t really think people depended on it so didn’t ask them to add it. :P But I’ll put it on my list of To-do-next for the blog. I’m compiling a list of changes I want made and stuff I want fixed to give them one shot instead of bothering them everyday. :P So, let me know if you see anything else!

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