A masterpiece of cake

After spending some 10 hours hunched over colourful pieces of felt, trying not to poke myself with a needle so tiny it’s almost invisible, I have produced a masterpiece!

For certain it will bring me much fame and fortune, considering the hefty investment I have paid out in blood and sweat, totalling $2.50 in materials and 10 hours in labour.


Felt cake

Generously garnished with two blueberries and an entire strawberry.

And three dollops of what is meant to be cream.

And little red specks ito simulate… something worthwhile, I’m sure.

Felt cake

Perhaps the only foil to my plans for world domination would be the fact that I ran out of yellow thread halfway through.

But genius cannot be kept waiting! I was too impatient to wait till I could get more yellow thread.

So I used red thread.

At the very most, I am sure I can convince my admirers and/or generous patrons of art that the red is merely strawberry sauce leaked through.

Felt cake

I also ran out of white thread to stitch up the top part of the cake where the cream is, so I used purple thread.

Blueberry sauce.

Piece of cake!

Felt cake

In point of fact, I just wanted to have the darned thing over and done with because making endless stitches is excruciatingly mind-numbing and backbreaking.

And now that it’s done, I have no idea what to do with it.

I can hardly eat it, can I?


20 thoughts on “A masterpiece of cake

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    @Minou – I am guessing you will never start… especially after we start on clay… :P

    @Faith – Hmm… somehow I have no interest in making real food, lol. I love making fakes more cos they’re cute!

    @twiinkle – Heheh, thanks! :) If it’s real I would eat it, though. I love cake!!

    @DuelistHKLeong2 – Wow, LTNS my friend! :) Haha, I can’t believe you thought it was real. It’s covered in stitches!!! lol.

    @Realliveman – Hmm… but this is only my first one! :P

    @naeboo – We have to cut the felt ourselves. They give us large pieces of each colour. But there are patterns in exact size so we can follow the pattern and cut. Cutting was quite a pain, especially the leaves and blueberries and cream!

    @tiger4 – Haha. Honestly, I’m too embarrassed to give this away. Look at all the ugly uneven stitches! I got impatient at the end and just anyhow. Haha.

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    @Realliveman – Haha. Mince Pye said it… it’s the SAME strawberry!! lol.

    @abraxis – But craft cake won’t spoil. Real cake will spoil!! :P

    @motd – Aww shucks. :) Yeah, it’s still sitting on my table looking out of place!

    @RN1209 – Haha… some parts of the “work” is fun. I like making the small items cos they’re over quickly. It’s the larger parts that get tedious cos it’s the same action over and over again!

    @tvbaddict – Erm…. it will get faster… :P

    @yongwei92 – Errrrrrrrr……….

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    hey its real sweet! i like it..
    its really addictive i guess…
    wana make the whole set if possible..
    also it must be super satisfying to see ur accomplishment…
    maybe u can post to sell!

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