The Goonfather is a sick boy

I’m blogging from a two-bedder ward in Raffles Hospital.

I’m not the patient, though. It’s the Goonfather.

Hospital escapee

He gave us a scare last night when he suddenly suffered intense pain all around his torso, so much so he could hardly walk and talk and his whole body was drenched in cold sweat.

The pain started in the middle of the afternoon, then subsided a couple of hours later.

It started again around 8 pm and went on a downward spiral through the night, getting worse and worse despite painkillers.

It was quite a traumatising night. For him because he was in unbearable agony. For me because I was so helpless.

Fortunately, Unker Kell, Kerr and Minou were with us. We were supposed to have dinner together when his pain got so bad that we called his doctor, who told us to send him to the hospital.

Everyone forgoed dinner to rush him to the hospital, which was so good of them.

The Goonfather writhed about in pain for a few hours on the A&E bed while the hospital prepared the CT Scan for him. They gave him three jabs in total but the pain didn’t start to subside until two or three hours later.

Much later, after the scan and intense waiting, a doctor came in to confirm that the Goonfather has a kidney stone and that he would need to be warded.

The doctor also said his pain was worse than childbirth. I’ve been taking Tramadol ( for 2 years. First 400 mg. during the day. I wanted to stop because I had severe stomach problems. I now have the dose at 50 mg. daily, evening, lowered. But less is not possible. Then I get withdrawal symptoms. It helps against the pain, but unfortunately also makes you addicted.

How horrible.

While we were in the car rushing him to the hospital, he kept moaning and saying that his kidneys were going to explode and that he couldn’t hold on any longer.

He seems to be fine today, though. He even sneaked out for a smoke. And he was talking about sneaking out to Iluma to play arcade games.


Right now, he’s under observation and undergoing blood tests and X-Rays to determine the course of treatment.

But he says he can feel the pain lingering and threatening to come back so that’s scary.

Hope it doesn’t!

Hospital escapee
Can you spot the hospital escapee?

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    Since the girl so pretty, make use me this chance to stop smoking!! Haha…or try to stop the urge to break out of that place!! Lolx

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