Sunday is a good day to watch TV commercials

I’ll show you one today, starring… me.

I’d talk more about the shoot but I’m outside and don’t have all my photos.

In fact, I’ve been more or less out for the past three days, which the more astute of you might have discerned if you’ve been coming here faithfully every day expecting to see new entries but instead seeing that dodgy picture of some blackish soup.

A close friend’s mum just passed away and we’ve been over at the wake. I’m now blogging from there because, no matter what, life goes on.

I’ve always feared the day I would lose a loved one. I always wonder how people cope but I suppose we cope, eventually.

Have a good Sunday, all.

8 thoughts on “Sunday is a good day to watch TV commercials

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    The expression you show after you taste the crab seems a bit over the top. Will this commercial be seen on TV or play repetitively at the restaurant?

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    @Sheylara: My deepest condolences to your close friend and surviving family. Same thing happened to my colleague over the weekend too. I guess we all have to somehow find strength in the face of such trying times.

    Anyway, I did notice the 3-day gap in entries having just visited. Sorry, I was in the midst of moving offices last week:P

    You looked really good in that ad, by the way. Nice work:)

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