Sheylara’s and Nanny Wen’s driving adventure


So, I’ve got a Garmin-Asus M20 and I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do — explore Singapore randomly to find unexpected fun things to do!

Nanny Wen was my partner-in-crime for this adventure.

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

We’re both equally blur and directionally-challenged, so I thought she’d be a good partner to help me test out the navigational functions of the Garmin-Asus M20.

Makkuro Kurosuke
I just wanted to show off my cute little makkuro kurosuke, lol.

After picking her up from her home with the M20’s help, we got it to suggest a lunch venue for us.

Garmin-Asus M20

Clicking on Food, we were shown a whole list of food places, sorted by type, and arranged in order of distance.

Nanny Wen picked this placed called Green Room Cafe cos it sounded nice. We didn’t check the location map to see where it was, so we could be surprised. We just clicked GO and voice navigation started!

A caucasian lady’s voice started directing us to our chosen destination.

Our cafe turned out to be in Bishan Park. It was a bit far but what a nice and unexpected place to have lunch!

Bishan Park


Nanny Wen

We didn’t eat at Green Room cos we realised upon arriving that it was vegetarian. Since we’re carnivores, we decided to eat at the cafe just beside Green Room.

Acacia Restaurant

Halfway through our lunch, Thomas Ong walked into the cafe surrounded by a bevy of ladies who looked like his film crew. They were sorting out his wardrobe in the cafe, lol.

I didn’t take a photo of him cos I don’t like bothering celebrities while they’re having their private time.

While we were waiting for our food, I played with the Garmin-Asus M20 while Nanny Wen took secret photos of me.

Acacia Restaurant

I thought they turned out nice, though!

Acacia Restaurant

I also took a photo using the Garmin-Asus M20 and immediately uploaded it to my Facebook.

Sheylara's Facebook

If you’re a StarHub subscriber, accessing Facebook and Twitter on the M20 is free of data charge.

Our real adventure started after lunch. Together, we looked through a list of attractions recommended by the M20.

Garmin-Asus M20

We picked Sun Yat Sen Villa because we both like history and museums. We never even knew such a place existed in Singapore!

Once again, the trusty voice navigation took us to our chosen location. By the way, the M20 also provides navigation for walking on foot if you choose to.

Sun Yat Sen Villa had, in the past, been used as headquarters for revolutionary activities. Exciting!

Sun Yat Sen Villa

We had a lot of fun in there learning history!

Sun Yat Sen Villa

Sun Yat Sen Villa

Sun Yat Sen Villa

Next on the agenda: SHOPPING!!

Because it was raining, I didn’t want to drive too far, so we picked the nearest decent shopping mall.

Garmin-Asus M20

Square 2!

Nanny Wen wanted to have a foot-pampering session, but I didn’t want to, so I sat there and busied myself with e-mails and net-surfing on the M20. It uses Windows Mobile Pro so it’s like having a mini PC with me!

I also secretly took photos of her. LOL.

Nanny Wen

But she eventually found out and yelled at me. Doh.

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

After we were tired of Square 2, we went next door to Velocity and found an ice skating performance. We found ourselves riveted. Cos one of the skaters was so cute! Haha.

Ice skaters

We stayed till the end of the performance and I got a picture with the boys!

Ice skaters

Dinner at Take 5 (by Old Chang Kee)! We had two meals with drinks for only $5.50 total because they were having a 1-for-1 promotion. So lucky!

Nasi Lemak

And that was the end of our great day full of random fun and surprises, thanks to the Garmin-Asus M20!

Garmin-Asus M20

I’ll be going on another adventure this Saturday. It’s the Live-Navigation Challenge, remember? Hurry up and sign up for it!

Also, last chance to take part in the Facebook Memorable Experiences contest for your chance to win a Garmin-Asus M20 or G60!

See you at the Live-Navigation Challenge.

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    Might I suggest you use the Garmin-Asus M20 to find a few glitzy hotels for some much needed Hotel bed-jumping. You can use the Garmin-Asus M20 to take picures of the adventure.

    If you don’t know what Hotel bed-jumping is, use the Garmin-Asus M20 to Google it :P

  2. Avatar

    Hi.I would like to know whether if those features you use like Shopping,Food and etc.Are these free usage or do i have to online to use them?

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