My aunt’s curry puffs

Not so long ago, my aunt, who runs two curry puff stalls in Ang Mo Kio, branded her curry puffs.

She’s been selling homemade curry puffs for years now, so it was a delight for me to learn that she’d started sort of a franchise thing going, although it’s currently just two stalls and limited to family.

Aunty Lucy

Naming her brand Lucy & Family, she has her own logo and customised apron, which was kind of exciting for me to see.

Aunty Lucy

And the curry puffs themselves?

Aunty Lucy

I have to be frank and say that they tasted better in the past. I guess it’s a bit hard to maintain quality when you open up more stalls (they had three at one point of time).

I did quite enjoy the sardine puff because it is spicy and has tons of onions and fresh chilli, but I won’t exactly die for it.

Aunty Lucy

Apparently, though, the crowd favourite is the potato because the filling is tasty and generous, and the potatoes are nicely mashy.

Aunty Lucy

I would have preferred both to be more salty, but that could just be me; I’m a scary salt eater!

The puffs are good when fresh out of the fryer. Otherwise, the dough tastes kind of iffy when cold. It’s a bit hard and not crispy or flaky like most people expect curry puffs to be.

Aunty Lucy

If you’re ever around the area and need a snack, peak hours would be good times to get some because they move really fast then, so you’d be sure of getting freshly fried ones.

Lucy & Family offers other snacks too, such as prawn fritters, goreng pisang and spring rolls.

Aunty Lucy

That’s a lot of stuff!

My aunt loaded me with tons of snacks to bring home and share with my friends. It turned out that the sardine puff was the most popular.

In fact, I’m kinda missing it now. I love sardine puffs! (I used to eat them at least three times a week when I was working at Raffles Place. There was this stall in Clifford Centre that had awesome sardine puffs. I wonder if it’s still there.)

By the way, Jaywalk, a curry puff addict, visited my aunt’s stall like a day or two after I mentioned it in Plurk, and then wrote a review on it. It’s quite funny, so check it out! I love the way he is so Singaporean and insists on calling it “curry pok”. I’m surprised he doesn’t go all the way and call it “kalipok”.

Aunty Lucy

I’m also a mini curry puff addict, actually. Talking about it is making me crave curry puffs again, oh no!

You can find Lucy & Family at these two locations:

Blk 226C Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Blk 4011 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 (Techplace 1)

16 thoughts on “My aunt’s curry puffs

  1. Avatar

    Oh Lord, I know her and her curry puffs! OMG, they are good! I have to put the up there with steamed buns in terms of greatness.

    Damn, I have to get back to Singapore NOW!!

    A W E S O M E!!

    Question: How in the world did everybody in your family get the beauty gene? :) I mean, over on this side of the pond it skips a generation (Yes, my father and mother have it…..I’m their son….it skipped me LOL)

  2. Avatar

    near my work place… 100m away
    any discount? ask your aunt to give jeffreydadi a good rate
    my company have 700+ staff!!!

  3. Avatar

    I work in AMK Ave 5, will go down to try one day during lunchtime.

    Will I see photos of Sheylara posting at the shop like those Mediacorps one or will I get Sheylara autograph if I buy 100 kalipok? :P

  4. Avatar

    The puffs look slightly different lei.. Guess Meena had an off day. She just got news of her dad being hospitalised the day before you went to the stall : ( Guess that must have affected her ba.

    Anyways, i gotta agree with you that the puffs does taste better before.. and that the the doughs are crispy and flaky only half the time. We gotta try to maintain some consistency…

    Thanks for the review though, cuz! : )

  5. Avatar

    Oh mine!!!! I’m getting the curry puff cravings!!! And I’ve got to wait till like 2 weeks before I can get my grubby hands on them!!!

  6. Avatar

    @Sheylara: I’ll be sure to drop by the next time I’m there with my family, but your aunt doesn’t use lard or anything right?:)

  7. Avatar

    Benjack: How coincidental! :) Hope you like the puffs!

    Hun Boon: Hey there, been a long time since I heard from you. :)

    Jay: Does she? Haha. But she’s not related to me by blood. She’s my dad’s sister-in-law. :P

    RLM: Huh? You really know my aunt? Well, you should be glad the beauty gene skipped you. Wouldn’t you want to be handsome instead of beautiful? :P

    jeffreydadi: Haha, sure. Just quote my name (Sheylara) to my aunt and she’ll give you a nice discount. :)

    tiger4: lol, you want my autograph for what? Not like I’m some mysterious celebrity. *bish*

    Halloween: Hi cuz! I’m sorry to hear about Meena’s dad. Hope he’s doing fine now. Then I’ll certainly go back and try the puffs again. ;)

    Faith: Aww, I feel for you. Tough missing out on all the awesome food in Singapore! Let’s go visit Aunty Lucy together when you’re back!

    tvbaddict: Haha. That sounds nice. But this one is quite spicy already lah.. one of the most spicy sardine puffs I’ve eaten.

    RN1209: Cool! Thanks for your support!

  8. Avatar

    DANG! You better hope that your aunt doesn’t read your negative comments. People are usually ultra sensitive towards comments on their cooking.

    And I RIKES sardine puffs too! :-)

    I always wanted to try making puffs filled with identical stuffing that you find in a shepherd’s pie. I think sure make sexy amounts of money. Go ask your aunt to give it a try.

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