Blogging in the car

Okay, I’ve decided to blog on my phone cos I’ve hardly been home since Christmas Eve. Been out bumming with friends!

I’m in the car right now. The Goonfather wants to buy an iPhone today (hah! finally!) and he’s driving around looking for a Hello! Shop and I’m bored.

He has finally passed out his kidney stone but is still taking modafinil medication cos it still hurts somewhat.

(I have lots of pictures of the stone. Do you want to see it?)

I’m also on medication. I got a sore throat on Christmas Eve (of all days!!) and I also got cramps on the very same day (!!!#£&@) so I went and bought some sore throat pills.

The pills work really fast (doesn’t hurt anymore) but they make me feel a little drowsy, like I have cotton stuffed in my head, so I’ve been celebrating Christmas with a cottony head.

We didn’t do much. Four people were sick to varying degrees, and a few felt lethargic due to the rainy weather. So all we did the past two days were eating, exchanging presents and playing Agricola.

It still feels nice being with friends. On Christmas Eve, while they played Agricola, I was slumped in a couch reading (to take my mind away the annoying pains in my throat and innards). And it felt good, just being in the company of good friends.

We’re kind of addicted to Agricola now. It’s a strategy board game not unlike Settlers of Catan and it’s the best board game I’ve ever played.

I’m also addicted to the book I’m currently reading: The Other Boleyn Girl. I wanted to watch the movie but missed it so I bought the book when I saw it for sale at the MPH book fair.

It’s an amazing piece of work. Highly recommended. I’m going to watch the movie once I’m done with the book!

The Goonfather is still driving around WTF. I have no idea where he is going and I’m sick of typing on my phone so I’m going to stop now. Getting nauseous!

Have a great weekend, happy boxing day and stay well!

6 thoughts on “Blogging in the car

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    Oh, Sheylara, please don’t watch the movie!

    I absolutely loved the book and grabbed the movie immediately after reading it. Even after allowing for artistic interpretation and cinematic constraints, it was a really lousy movie. It’d better to watch the lousy movie then elevate it with the good book =p

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    I absolutely loved the book too! I went out to get 2 more Philippa Gregory books after I was done – The Constant Princess and The Boleyn Inheritance. Went crazy on wikipedia looking up 15th and 16th century english history too :-P

    Glad you’re enjoying the read!

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    Soxace: Hmm. I don’t know, really. :P

    faith: Oh… I’m disappointed to hear that. I was so looking forward to watching the movie. :( But I’m still curious to watch it, mainly because I want to see how the actors interpret the characters. I will take your warning to heart and try to watch it with negative expectation, haha. :P

    Elyxia: Yeah, I’m almost at the end of the book now. And I just went to Amazon to snap up all the other books in the Tudor series, lol. I hope they are all as good…

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