Ugly, scrawny and awkward

This week’s Star Blog topic: “Tell us all about what happened on your last birthday.”

What I did for my birthday this year can be described in one sentence.

I had dinner with my closest friends at a restaurant and they gave me a birthday cake and present.

But we have a 400-word minimum for Star Blog, so I couldn’t stop there. I continued writing about my apathy towards birthdays.

I had actually written about 370 words when an unexpected voice at the back of my mind came hurtling through to the foreground, stunning me with an ugly truth.

I deleted everything I had written, then. In its place was another story that begged to be told.

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5 thoughts on “Ugly, scrawny and awkward

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    Did you encounter a certain incident when you were young that made you dislike yourself so much (besides catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror)? I agree everyone has emotional baggages.

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    Wow i really admire that you are ready to be so open and honest even if it means revealing some of the most vulnerable emotions which we normally keep buried deep down within ourselves. I’m sure you realize it yourself, but that 7 year old was probably a sweet thoughtful kid, and looking back on that moment now should only fill you with pride at how far that girl has come since then.

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    tvbaddict: 370 words where got much. Not even one full page. :P

    tstar: :)

    STUMPBO: I think it wasn’t just one incident, but just the entire childhood of being and feeling downtrodden. :P

    Alex: Thanks for your comment. Well, I think you’re right. She was a sweet, thoughtful kid. But sweet and thoughtful are often overlooked and undervalued in today’s society. People don’t appreciate thoughtfulness until their life sucks and they could use some.

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