The post that has no sense or purpose

It’s a bit hard to explain.

When I don’t post a blog for days, sometimes it’s not because I’m too busy. And it’s not because I have nothing to write.

It’s because I have too many things to write.

I get an internal conversation.

“Let’s write A today!”

“Alright…. No, wait. How about B? I think we should do B today.”

“Nah, B is boring. Maybe C?”

“Mmmm. Okay, but D is as important as C if you think about it.”

“Oh I just remembered there’s E!”


Then I get stressed about it and go do something relaxing, like stare at the buttermilk pancakes cooking in Cafe World.

Cafe World

I’m not joking. I do that. Looking at food in Cafe World fills me with some kind of profound joy. That’s why I can’t quit the game even though people are cheating in it.

Time flies when I’m messing around Facebook. And before I know it the day is over and I didn’t write a blog.

It’s the same as when I have too many games to play or too many books to read. I end up spending half the day deciding which to start on first, and then time flies away and I haven’t decided, and the day is over and I haven’t done anything.

After two recent book shopping sprees, I have acquired a large collection of books for my inbox. Well, call it inshelf.


These are books I just bought and haven’t read. Not counting the four books that are currently in progress of being read.

It’s very hard to decide what to read next. Sometimes I start reading a few pages, but my mind keeps yearning for the other books, then I will start on another. And it kind of goes on.

It’s like going to a buffet and wanting to eat everything at once.

Likewise, games.


These are the games I haven’t played.

And that’s not counting the seven new games I have lent to my friends.

Not counting the countless other games I have started and want to continue but have no time to because all these new games are waiting for me.

It’s like, which one should I play first? I want to play them all!

So, blogs.


These are the blogs I haven’t written.

And that’s not counting those for which there are no photos, therefore aren’t represented in my photos folder.

In the end, instead of trying to clear the stuff already in my inbox/inshelf/infolder, I invent new rubbish like this entry to write.


15 thoughts on “The post that has no sense or purpose

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    Thats like me studying. Too much stuff to study, cant decide on which topic to start, end up playing games the whole day. Haha

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    If you are getting paid enough to play those games then fine. Othrewise if you have something more important than those games but yet you have to play those games to do a review or something because you are obliged to do so, but yet doesn’t really pay a lot then I should say try to cut down on your assignment.

  3. Avatar

    Haha…same for me…I have the same thinking…I want to do A, but end up doing B cause it is more fun…Lolx
    People tells us to look on the fun side of that thing that you are supposed to do, but you will realise that there is nothing fun about it…Lolx

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    tiger4: Haha. But it doesn’t take much time to visit my blog mah… only a few minutes a day? :P

    Jay: Most of the things I do nowadays don’t get direct payment but I still have to do them because they indirectly lead me to getting paid. :P

    Soxace: Some chores are terribly not fun at all! One of the things I hate doing most is CNY spring cleaning. :P It’s a time of sneezing and headache for me, lol.

    tvbaddict: Er… can’t show the stuff I’ve read cos in the past I mostly rent and borrow books, so all returned already. And those that I bought I’ve sold. :P As for games, most of the past games (mostly PC games) I have thrown away. :P

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    @Sheylara: Please send all the PC games you want to throw away to my address. I am willing to help you recycle them even though I may not have time to do so. Hehehe

  6. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Dibs on Guitar Hero Smash Hits and Risen, please!:D Oh, and Halo 3 ODST too, hehe:P
    Anyways, whether there’s a purpose or not, its always a treat when we visit and there’s a new post. The fact that you’re stockpiling material gives us great comfort:)

    @tiger4: Yeah, I know what you mean, bro… except nowadays I can’t afford not to do the things I’m supposed to do:P

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    tiger4/tvbaddict: Um… I only throw away PC games when they become obsolete, as in for older OS. Haha. :P

    RN1209: You’re sweet, as always. :) And I’m surprised you can read the titles when they’re all so small and blurry!

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    @Sheylara: Oh ya, forgot you upgraded to a iCore7 lately. But for someone who still plays Championship Manager 2000/2001, Crusader No Remorse and X-Com on his Core2Duo PC, nothing is obsolete to me. You still have my home address right? ;)

    @RN1209: Well said! I also have work that I can’t afford not to do but unlike you, I am easily tempted by the dark side :p

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    tiger4: I was talking about OS, not CPU. So, like, now when everyone is using XP/Vista/Win7, it would be the time to throw away Win 95 games. Something like that. Haha.

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    @Sheylara: No, you still can play Win95 games on WinXP. Just install an emulator. That’s how I play my old Championship Manager and X-Com games. These classic are too good to be thrown away for me.

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