Sheylara + Flattery = Vanity

People perceive me as stuck up when they first meet me.

I think I give out that vibe because of my shyness and because I’m always lost in thoughts, in my own world.

(I can’t really help it. The thoughts come unbidden and I’m suddenly drawn into another reality in my mind.)


Other than that, I couldn’t be sure what people think of me, so I decided to ask.

I sent out messages through various social media channels asking people to tell me what their perceptions of me were. I received a huge load of replies from various categories of people.

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5 thoughts on “Sheylara + Flattery = Vanity

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    Your face is good enough to be a movie star but you are not natural enough on screen. Don’t fix your eyes on the camera. Try to imagine the camera as an audience where you are speaking to many many people then you will be fine.

    Good luck and hope to see you on some Hongkong movies some day!

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