Photos from Genting Highlands!

It’s now 12:30 am. I’m at Pedas Springs, a spa in Genting Highlands.

Pedas Springs

My friends are inside having massages while I’m blogging at the cafe outside. My work is really 24/7 around the clock, around the world!

We planned this trip a couple of months ago. It’s a sort of coming-of-age trip for Nanny Wen cos the last time we came to Genting, she was too young to visit the casino. Now she’s old enough! *sniff*

Nanny Wen with Unker Kell and Wang Wang

Actually, I’m really sleepy now so I’m just going to do a pictorial caption thing. It’s not like you people read my words, anyway!

So. First photo in the car!

Sheylara and Nanny Wen and Wang Wang

Our rented car (a seven-seater but we only have six people):

Rented car

We stopped at Segambut for lunch.

Unker Kell tries to avoid having a photo taken with Morte:

Morte and Unker Kell being silly

No one wants to take photos with notorious Morte. Haha.

The girls:

The girls

Seafood noodles!


Clear seafood noodles


Curry seafood noodles

Tom yam:

Tom yam seafood noodles

We tried the tom yam for the first time today. It was awesome. Thick and sour.

We continued our journey to Genting after lunch.

Back seat passengers:

Back seat passengers

Staying at First World Hotel on the first night. It’s a cheapass no-frills hotel but the lobby looks really grand:

First World Hotel

Mine and Nanny Wen’s room:

First World Hotel

Outside our rooms:

First World Hotel

Everyone making use of free wireless at Starbucks! lol.

Starbucks Cafe


The mist in Genting (around 6 pm):

Genting mist


Genting cold

In the mall/amusement area:

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

Sheylara and Nanny Wen and Wang Wang

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Whee! That’s the lot of it! We had dinner at KFC, lol. And, obviously, we can’t take photos in the casino. So, that’s all!

It’s now 2 am. The guys are not done with their massages yet. Zzzz.

I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wake up for breakfast tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “Photos from Genting Highlands!

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    @Sheylara: Looks like you guys had a splendid trip:) Thanks for sharing! Did you try out the more heart-stopping amusement rides? I remembered something called the Space Shot when I was last there.

    @tiger4: I think there’s one photo at Starbucks with The Goonfather inside, but Unker Kell’s blocking.

  2. Avatar

    @RN1209: Oh ya! sharp eyes you got there. Recognise those big hands. ;)

    @Anloo: You must b new. TGF = The GoonFather. Sheylara significant other half. :)

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