GGF#64: Knightfall 2

Gamer Girl Friday

Here’s a time waster recommended by Swordplay. I just tried it and now I’d rather be playing it then writing this.

But we can’t always be doing the things we want to do, so here’s a quick review.

Knightfall 2

Knightfall 2 is a browser-based puzzle RPG which is fun and funny. It reminds me somewhat of Puzzle Quest, having the traditional elements of an RPG (looting and levelling up) but using puzzles to advance through stages.

Here’s what the puzzle board looks like in Knightfall 2:

Knightfall 2

You’re that knight in the middle. But you don’t move him. Instead, you rotate the board and click on the coloured squares to clear them. Like, if you click on the green stuff below, all the adjacent green blocks will disappear and your knight will fall down onto the square below.

By rotating the board, clearing squares and falling, you get your knight where you want him to be, which would be either getting treasure or killing mobs. There are also items and spells that can help you through your stages.

Your goal in each stage is to get the key and escape through the locked door.

Of course, there are penalties to being a poor strategist and clearing squares haphazardly, so it’s not as easy as it looks.

There’s a storyline, too. There’s this map on which you navigate scenarios and activities. Some stops are for resting and getting quests, some are for buying stuff, and the rest are for questing.

Knightfall 2

It’s quite enjoyable from the little I’ve played so far. I suppose, like most of Swordplay’s time wasters, it’s good for short breaks from work — you can complete a stage in minutes — unless you get addicted to it and refuse to stop.

Knightfall 2 is also full of humour to add some cheer to a dreary afternoon.

When you start the game, there is a short animation sequence which shows how you were a brave knight who rescued this princess in distress. After marriage, you become a slob so she throws you out of the house to go do something useful.

Knightfall 2

Then there’s a five-minute tutorial and you’re set to go.

Okay, that should be enough persuasion to play the game. I’m going back to it now!

Click here to play.

Have fun! =)

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