30 hours, 11 stops, 1 tireless shopper


If you were to embark on a 30-hour journey around Singapore via a cushy car, where would you go?

I would go shopping!


Right. Don’t roll your eyes yet. Hear me out.

Say you’re given this car to drive around Singapore for 30 hours and you can choose to go anywhere and do anything.

Volkswagen New Polo

Any sane girl would go shopping, obviously. That’s what the car is for! It will take me to the less accessible malls in Singapore and carry all my shopping!

Wouldn’t that be a perfect weekend? For a girl, at least.

Sheylara and Minou

I’ve planned my non-stop weekend route at the Volkswagen Singapore New Polo microsite.

30-hour Route

There’s a contest going on, actually! Design the most interesting 30-hour non-stop weekend and win ZoukOut tickets!

Volkswagen New Polo

I don’t know if mine is the most interesting, but it’s something I’d want to do. You can view it in the users’ entries page by clicking my name.

I call my route the Suburban Shopping Escapade, filled with nothing but eating and shopping, at malls I normally don’t go to because they’re inaccessible and the Goonfather would flip if I asked him to drive me around for shopping.

Well, if you’re in the mood for a less bimbotic journey, how about checking out Mr Brown’s route?

Mr Brown, together with Ryan his sidekick, will literally be doing the 30-hour thing this weekend (Nov 21-22).

Mr Brown and Ryan

He will drive the New Polo around Singapore for 30 hours. His route is clearly mapped out on the microsite, so fans will be able to meet him at any of his stops for photographs, autographs, chats and goodie bags!

(Maybe some diehard fans might even tail him the entire journey. Haha.)

Oh, if you catch Mr Brown and Ryan at any of their stops and pose for some photos, your photos might appear on the microsite! Most of his stopovers are at carparks, so you can drive over to meet him. And maybe trade geeky opinions about cars, I don’t know.

Mr Brown's route

Anyway, why not try out the route planner and share your favourite spots in Singapore? It’s really easy to use. Just drag the cute New Polo icons onto specific spots on the Google map provided, then type what you’re going to do there and when you’re done, submit!

Route planner

You will be given a unique URL for your created route.

After you’ve done that, do come back here to share your route. We can talk about cool places to go around Singapore with a cool car!

Click here to step into the New Polo now!

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