Why are they carrying leaves on their person?

I don’t mean to be disrespectful at all. I just want to know who (or what) these men are.

Men in yellow

Where are they going and why are they carrying leaves?

This was photographed across the road from UE Square.

Men in yellow

My first response when I saw them was amusement. That was quickly followed by curiosity.

Then a little bit of guilt because it’s rude to gawk.

But then, I think people in general are so set in mundane ways that anything just a bit out of the ordinary sparks interest.

I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

I suppose having the ability to be delighted by things is good. But ridiculing people for being different is not.

So, let’s be interested but not derisive.

13 thoughts on “Why are they carrying leaves on their person?

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    @Sheylara: My guess is the same as Minou’s. Its probably for offering prayers of some sort to one of the deities.

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    They are mango leaves. During Deepavali Hindus decorate the entrances of their homes with them, along with floor art.

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    Possible captions for the picture

    “Please don’t mind us. We barked up the wrong tree”

    Guy one: Have you seems my leaves. I don’t remember when I put them?
    Guy two: Silly. They are in your skirt where you left them

    “Trust me, if we keep these leaves in our pants, we WILL get on Sheylara.com”

    Rush hour in Singapore: The only way to get a cab.

    “Now, when we get to the bank, remember to tell them that we use these as our national currency”

    “Bob, that was a freak’en powerful leaf blower. I can actually still feel the leaves. Black and Decker rocks!!”

    “Remember, the object is to draw the MOST attention to ourselves”

    “Dude, when you bought these skirts, you should have made sure they had pockets”

    “So let me get this right, Bob. You gave away our shoes AND our clothes for these “magic” leaves”??

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    Here’s another:

    “Trust me. These will make it more comfortable sitting on the hard seat on the MRT”

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    “Trust me, if we keep these leaves in our pants, we WILL get on Sheylara.com”

    Hahaha this is funny.

    yeah i think its for their festival thingy.

    Should get shots of them doing thaipusam or something, it should be much more cooler! :D

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