Ris Low saga: Fun to gang up against her?

I am actually saddened by the whole Ris Low saga. Singaporeans can be really unkind.

I do agree that she doesn’t represent everything that a beauty queen should, but I get the feeling that most of her critics are simply jumping on the bandwagon to insult her just because it’s fun to gang up against a common target.

Ris Low

The first major thing that people picked on her about was her bad language skill. Everyone made fun of her poor diction and said she shouldn’t be allowed to represent Singapore because of that.

I think that’s an unfair thing to pick on. Since when was good English a prerequisite for Miss World contestants? What about contestants who don’t speak a word of English and have to use translators to help them through the Q&A round?

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5 thoughts on “Ris Low saga: Fun to gang up against her?

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    Contestants that don’t speak one word of English are from non-English speaking countries, so it is acceptable. Singapore is a English speaking country and since she will be representing our nation, she should at least speak basic English.

    Anyway, I feel she don’t deserve to be Miss Singapore not because of her bad English or her credit card fraud. It should be her dishonestly and her behavior over what she did. Her answer of “They ask then I tell them lah” when question did she inform the organiser of her crime piss me off. What kind of attitude is this? So I say serve her right.

    Anyway, there are too many lies in this entire episode. Beauty pageants IMO are a waste of time and money. All those fund raising and charity stuff are just BS. If it’s for charity, why not just donate the money? Just an excuse to cover the fact that it is show for dirty old men to goggle at women.

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    Aiyah, mocking and spoofing is part of human nature, especially in the Internet era….. not as if it is a uniquely Singaporean trait. Ris is not exactly a shrinking violet you know. Look at how she has now gone on the attack against the runner-up Claire Lee. Boomz!

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    Ris got herself to blame . She simply got NO dignity and NO shame. Somehow , i feel SHE did it to get publicity . Why ?? Poor brought up , dunno what’s shameful , right from wrong . What she did just goes to show what a Moron and embecile she is :(

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