18 thoughts on “I’m on MC today

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    You almost got me rolling on the floor with laughter! Doctor Hello Kitty!!! Yes, there’s a Hello Kitty hospital in Taiwan. Think it might be a maternity hospital or something like that. Maybe that’s where I should deliver….all in pink!!!

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    lol…first we have hello kitty working in 7-11, now we have hello kitty clinic…Wah that Hello Kitty Hospital that time the I Guess x3 show got show…really swee~

    by the way, are you really sick?

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    Haha. Sheylara keng MC? Sometimes we need to take a break from the crazy thing called work. I did that once a while.

    If you are really sick, then have a good rest and get well soon….

    P.S. Eat too much food from your bite-size post?

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    aiyo, fight with ant for the banana la…. :)
    hey, MC on Sat no worth leh, ask dr charmy kitty to adjust…
    get well soon…we need sheylara here, twitter & fb…

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