If you’re not beautiful you will die

A moth in my bathroom taught me this harsh lesson recently.

I was going to take a shower when I noticed it in the shower stall. At first, seeing a small brown lump on the floor, I thought it was a piece of rubbish.

But part of my mind considered that it might be a moth.

Even as I started to turn on the shower, a few options flashed through my mind.

  • Investigate it.
  • Heck care it. Just let it wash down the drain.
  • Clear it or it will clog up the drain cover.
  • Scare it away in case it’s a moth cos I don’t want to drown it.

As I mulled over my options casually, not really caring very much really, I turned on the shower.

And then turned it off abruptly again.

I really didn’t want to drown a moth. If it were a moth, it would definitely get wet and then get stuck to the bathroom floor and eventually follow the flow of water to the drain cover.

I bent down and looked at it.

What is this brown lump?

It was a moth! And quite a pretty one. Medium brown with pretty dark brown patterns around the edges of its wings.

It fluttered weakly once and then stopped. It looked dead. I couldn’t be sure if the flutter was due to my movement or because it was alive.

“Boo!” I said to it, hoping it would get scared and fly off.

Nothing. It remained motionless.

I scrunched up a bunch of toilet paper, then gently picked up the moth with the toilet paper.

When I turned the toilet paper around to look at it, I saw it had clung its legs around the folds of the paper. But it was still motionless.

Not quite knowing how to deal with it, I placed the whole ball in the rubbish bin, with the moth facing up. I hoped it was still alive and would fly off to safety by itself.

Moth in bin

I went to take my shower.

And that was when it struck me that the moth’s prettiness had saved its life, if it were alive to begin with.

I have washed lesser insects that are small, puny and ugly, down the drain, without thinking. It’s like those insects deserve to die because they’re ugly.

I might even allow a plain or ugly-looking moth to die, but I couldn’t allow a pretty moth to die.

I am so shallow!! =(

And I think this applies to people in some ways. We have a tendency to subconsciously treat attractive people with more respect and care, as if less attractive people deserved less.

I often hear people cursing other people when inconvenienced.

“Ugly bitch! Block my way and make me miss my train! I hope you fall down!”

I think people would be less likely to curse if the person blocking them were an Angelina Jolie lookalike.

It’s so unfair and it made me sad thinking about this.

I felt guilty for all the times I had killed insects because they weren’t pretty. But I think I will probably do it again because ugly insects gross me out.

By the time I finished my shower, the moth had disappeared from the ball of tissue paper. Yay! It had flown off to safety. Or so I hoped. I couldn’t see it anywhere in the bathroom.

I hope Morty didn’t eat it.

Morty the baby lizard

7 thoughts on “If you’re not beautiful you will die

  1. Avatar

    Well at least I don’t stereotype.. I kill all bugs regardless. You may have less of a headache if you do the same :)

  2. Avatar

    Iif we were all blind for a day, perhaps we would find beauty in the things we can’t see. Thats where true beauty is anyway.

  3. Avatar

    Mayb u should consider killing ugly insects only when they offended u in any way such as trying to “attack” u, besides grossing u out. Imagine how poor thing it is if the ugly insect only pass by and not intending to harm u in any way…

  4. Avatar

    tvb: Morty is cute! Why would I want to flush it down?

    Kerr: Erm… I dont’ like killing bugs in the first place. I let someone do for me. :P

    RLM: I like how people redefine the meaning of beauty all the time.

    tiger: Haha… yeah right.

    STUMPBO: Morty is doing great. But still as jumpy as ever. Refuses to stick around and let me play with him, always run into hiding when I walk into the toilet :(

    Precish: I only kill ants and mosquitoes. They annoy me. I don’t dare to touch the bigger insects and always hope they’ll just go away.

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