Hello Kitty Mahjong

I am now well enough to not feel miserable! Still a bit of sniffly nose and tickly throat, but no more pain and fatigue.

Thank you all for your well-wishes. I’m sure that contributed to my fast recovery. Alongside with positive thinking, Lemsip and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

I self-medicate when I get sore throat or flu because I heal so much faster that way and the medicine I take doesn’t make me feel horrid and groggy.

Sore throat capsules

I used to take sore throat powder from TCM shops which are horrendously foul and bitter until I discovered that sore throat capsules work just as efficiently.

And the best thing is that I’ve tried five or six different brands/types of sore throat pills, depending on which TCM shop I happen to come across, and they all work equally well. They’re sometimes homemade (above) and sometimes come in commercial packaging (below).

Sore throat capsules

Taking these pills, the horrible pain usually goes away after about a day. But I’ll continue taking the pills for another day or two just to play safe.

I was even eating pizza and chicken wings last night and my sore throat didn’t worsen, heheh.

We were celebrating Wang Wang’s birthday by playing with the present we bought her — Hello kitty Mahjong!

Hello Kitty Mahjong

Don’t ask me where we got it. It’s Minou’s secret source.

I don’t have better photos of it cos I wasn’t planning to blog about it.

We had just started a fresh game when I suddenly whipped out my phone to take photos and start up my Plurk and Tweeter apps.

My friends started complaining.

“Wei! Why got people play mahjong halfway suddenly take photo one?!”

But I had to because I had such beautiful starting cards!

Hello Kitty Mahjong

I didn’t win that game, though. Bah.

We played two sets, lasting about six hours. Haha. Slow!

I’m a noob and Minou is a friendly player, so we played 10cents-20cents with a one-tai minimum. Minou was the big winner, winning about $20. I lost $7.20.

We’ll play again and I’ll take better photos next time!

Maybe after Wang Wang buys a new Mahjong table, cos hers is so worn and patchy. While “washing” the tiles, half of them will end up face up by the end, lol.

And maybe I should go back to Viwawa again to practise my game since we’ll be playing mahjong more often now.

Who can resist Hello Kitty, right?

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    Hi, i’m currently looking for a hello kitty mahjong set too , how much did u bought it for and where u buy it ?


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