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My mind feels messy. It’s like, I have so many things to do every day. So many thoughts to think. It paralyses me because I don’t know how to prioritise. Everything seems equally important.

Sometimes I end up not doing anything of worth because doing one thing makes me feel guilty for not doing the other thing.

I end up playing a game to relieve stress.

I feel better after a while. And then I feel even more horrible because the “important” things remain undone.

Sometimes it’s because while I’m doing one thing, another urgent thing comes in so I work on it, then I forget the first thing.

Sometimes yet another urgent thing comes in while I’m doing the second thing, so I attend to it and then forget the first and second things.

It’s all very messed up.

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New computer

Bought a new super computer on Saturday with Windows 7.

It worked fine for two days, then I installed Mozilla Firefox and it started getting laggy. Firefox hung twice.

One brand new 500GB harddisk was diagnosed faulty.

The next day, the computer refused to start up. It said no OS detected after two hours.

I won’t be able to send it to the PC clinic until Saturday.

Using Fluffy in the meantime, which makes me uncomfortable. I love Fluffy but I can’t do serious work on her.

It feels very claustrophobic.

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Gamer Girl Friday

I’ve thought about this for several months. I finally decided it’s time to make some changes for Gamer Girl Friday.

A long weekly column doesn’t work for me anymore. I’m still going to keep the GGF tag because people have grown familiar with it, but I will now write gaming posts as and when, instead of just once a week.

So you’ll get many small posts over the week instead of one long post once a week.

Regular non-gaming posts will still operate as usual.

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Breakfast in Kuching

I’m flying to Kuching tomorrow morning.

It’s an impromptu trip!

I was talking to Nanny Wen on MSN about work and she went, “By the way, you wanna go Kuching tomorrow?”


Actually, I didn’t say all that. I just think I should’ve.

I said, “Okay!”

Because I love spontaneity.

We’re going to attend Kenny Sia’s new gym opening ceremony.

Provided we can get air tickets. AirAsia refuses to let us book online for flights less than 24 hours away. And JetStar doesn’t have a Thursday flight. Damn them.

Nanny Wen will have to go personally to the AirAsia office after work tonight to check.

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Princess Academy

Princess Academy is an awesome book. I realised after reading it that it had won tons of prizes and awards.

It’s been a long time since an author has impressed me so much that I felt compelled to Google her because I want to read all her other books.

Princess Academy tells of a group of mountain girls recruited into the princess academy to learn how to become princesses. The palace priests had divined that the prince must marry someone from that mountain.

The girls get to prepare themselves for a year to impress the prince when he comes to choose.

Although the book is kind of written for teens and young adults, I think it can be enjoyed by all ages. The prose is beautifully written (it made me cry several times) and the plot twists are inventive and delightful.

I wish life could tie up as neatly as they do in books.

But I guess that’s why we’re addicted to books and movies. Cos that’s the only way we can experience beautiful neat lives.

7 thoughts on “Bite-size Sheylara – Messy

  1. Avatar

    I sympathize your feelings. Having so many things to do but just dun feel like doing it. Constantly end up surfing the web, watching movies n youtube. I have become so lazy that I dun game anymore.

    Wow new computer, i7 core! OCZ RAMs! I WANT! Looks like your bank account is doing well yeah? ;) Wonder when will I get my upgrade, stuck with a Core2Duo :(

    Have fun for your trip to Kuching IF you manage to get the ticks.

  2. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Actually last-minute flights were par for the course during the times when business was booming. My colleagues and myself were given less than 2 days’ notice to fly and resolve any issues in our overseas projects. Anyways, enjoy your trip, and come home safe!:)

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