Beauty is fleeting

I’m thinking I should bring a hair curling tong with me wherever I go. (It used to be hairspray, for keeping the hair up throughout the day).

After I discovered the power of cute curls not so long ago, I now spend 30 minutes to curl my hair whenever I have time (Otherwise, I just leave it straight and go out.)

For variety, I might do something different, like curl then braid it.

Sheylara with braids

On this particular day, I let a bit of fringe hang loose and gave it a little twirl, cos it’s cute that way. It’s a bit hard to see from the picture but it’s twirled two rounds.

It stayed nicely twirled for 30 minutes or so while I was in my room, finishing up my preparations.

But the moment I stepped out of home, it started to unwind. Mere minutes later, it became this:

Sheylara with braids

This, despite tons of curling lotion and hairspray on it.

I think Singapore is too humid. My curls can stay in air-conditioned places but not in natural weather.

Next time, I think I need to bring the curling tong out and make curls only after I arrive at my destination. Assuming it’s an air-conditioned place. And it has a power socket for me to plug the tongs in. And there’s a nice big mirror for me to use.

But how dumb is that?

10 thoughts on “Beauty is fleeting

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    Why don’t you want to curl ur hair permanently? Then all you need to leave on ur hair is scrunching lotion!

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    @Sheylara: Not nearly as dumb as Yoi’s comment, hehe:P Anyways, ladies’ bags are well-known to contain anything and everything short of an aircraft carrier, so what’s wrong with curling tongs?:) Though I have to admit, all that effort for just 30 mins of curls doesn’t sound like a productive use of your time… aren’t you already busy enough as it is?

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    @RN1209: Even though she carried a big bag, there are no more space in there. It is filled with
    – Usual ladies stuff, make up kits etc.
    – netbook + netbook accessories
    – phone
    – book
    – camera
    – all the Watson toiletries (she is aka Miss Watson remember?)

    and last but not least GOLD BARS!

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