Is the Singaporean male a wimp?

I do think Singaporean men are pretty wimpy.

A significant number are, anyway. Not all (fortunately).

You know the guy who’s now famous for allowing his girlfriend to bop him repeatedly in the crotch, thanks to the voyeur who took a video of it and shared it online?

I’ll bet he’s not the only guy who willingly puts up with such abuse.

And, you know what? Even the voyeur could be considered a wimp for just secretly enjoying the spectacle and gossiping about it under the safe shroud of anonymity, instead of marching to the crime scene to confront the couple for causing a traffic jam.

I say most Singaporean men are wimps because they’d whine and complain about things but they don’t take action to right things.

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8 thoughts on “Is the Singaporean male a wimp?

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    When one considers prison population levels, car accident demographics and the way that parents (mothers especially) project their own needs into how they bring up their children, it is rational yet tragic how modern society tempers and inhibits males.

    In a culture of safety and control where expectations are so high, I rather sympathize with SG males.

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    I’ve dated some guys who, after several dates and things are going well, one day decide to pluck up the courage to ask the million-dollar question: “Can I kiss you?” (Or the thousand-dollar question: “Can I hold your hand?”)

    I hate these questions. It spoils the romance and makes dating clinical.

    how about they were just protecting themselves? under singapore law, if a guy were to kiss a girl/hold her hand without permission, it is considered sexual harassment and he could be sued.

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