I was invited to my teacher’s bed

I think, when I was growing up, I lacked the ability to judge people. I thought everyone deserved to be liked equally, so I more or less liked everyone automatically.

I’m not kidding. When I was in primary two, there was this girl who punched me in the nose for fun one day, causing it to bleed, and I didn’t hate her for it. I continued being friends with her.

I didn’t love or hate my primary school teachers. I guess I liked them all the same. They were my teachers, I looked up to them. They must have loved me because I gave them no trouble and did everything I was told.

Sheylara cartoon

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By the way, Nanny Wen complained that I misrepresented her in my illustration of her being stung by a bee.

Nanny Wen stung by a bee

“Wei! Why am I crying in that picture?!” she said. “Now people think I cry at bee sting and I wear skirt to climb mountain!!!”

So, for the record, let me assure everyone that she didn’t cry (she just yelled a lot) and she didn’t wear a blue skirt, or any skirt for the matter, for our 10km mountain race.

I’m just a bad illustrator.

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Happy Teachers’ Day!

15 thoughts on “I was invited to my teacher’s bed

  1. Avatar

    ooooh i forgot to complain that you drew my left hand 10 times fatter than my right!

    and the bee stung me my right elbow, not the left.

    ok im jus kidding! dont put me on drawing ban!!

  2. Avatar

    ahahaha… well, redraw a picture of her in the right skirt color.. and not fatty hand. or was that cause from the bee sting that made nanny wen hand grew larger .. ?

    and ur cartoon has sound effect.. how am i not suppose to get obsessed?

  3. Avatar

    nannywen: You’re welcome to draw youself and send me the jpgs. I still have a few more parts of the story to publish. :P

    tvbaddict: What has sound effects got to do with anything?? The reason her one arm is larger is because I have to show where the bee landed mah. It would have been hard to show that on a stick arm. :P

    I suppose I could draw the other arm equally big, but then I would have to draw the body and legs too, and then it won’t be a stick character anymore. Doh.

  4. Avatar

    tiger4: Haha, no. Like I mentioned last week, I got tired of writing activity posts, and those are the only posts that have actual photos to accompany.

    So it’s not that I’m into drawing, but more than I’m into writing random nonsense blogs that don’t come with photos, so no choice have to draw my own.

    The jungle blogs is because I didn’t bring my camera into the jungle. (Which was a lucky thing cos I would have thrashed it totally.) :P

  5. Avatar

    Thanks Monster!

    Love your post heaps! Thanks for believing in teachers. It’s not an easy job to say the least! And I’m glad that you had good teachers and you appreciate and appreciated them.

  6. Avatar

    tvbaddict: I see. Thanks for the compliment. :P

    tiger4: Haha… Singaporeans love complaining, especially about free stuff. :P

    Monster: I think you’re the best teacher in the whole world. I’m so proud of you to be able to stick in this profession for so long and do so well!

  7. Avatar

    Yeah, your title very HAPPENING, and I was looking for some hot stuff here, haha, end up looking at the mess on the bed, and not what HAPPENED on the bed. LOL!

    Nice one on teachers, made me remember my past teachers too, hmmm, maybe I shall write about them too… sooon….

  8. Avatar

    ZQ: It’s Waters, not Peters. :P And, generally, I find that Australians are on the whole messier than us. lol. Not that that’s a bad thing. I can get pretty messy myself but I would feel so guilty about it. Dunno why also.

    STUMPBO: Haha. Thanks :) Good to hear you have nice teachers you remember too!

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