After so many years… my new look

New hairdo!!

I’ve resisted doing a dye job for years because I really hate going to the hair salon. It’s boring sitting there for hours.

Hated, anyway.

Now that I have Minou and Wang Wang to accompany me, I don’t mind going every few months to retouch and trim. (I used to visit the salon only once every two years or so.)

So, I decided to take the plunge and colour my hair!

I went with a very safe colour to start off.


I know, I know. You can hardly tell the difference from black. But we need to take baby steps. I think the Goonfather might faint if I step out of the salon with pink hair.

So, maybe I’ll kind of do it progressively.

Can someone good with photoshop pinkify my hair to show me how I’ll look?


The curls aren’t permanent; they were made with curling tongs. My stylist was nice enough to spend extra time curling my hair just for the heck of it.

I might go for permanent ones next time cos I like how it turned out. But Wang Wang said my hair will be horribly damaged, so I can’t decide now.


I didn’t think I could ever recreate this look on my own (I’ve never used curling tongs myself before!) so I took lots of photos.

But my stupid camera auto-adjusted the lighting in this following photo so that I look like a corpse.


With Minou and Wang Wang:



Maybe, maybe, next time, I’ll really go for pink.

25 thoughts on “After so many years… my new look

  1. Avatar

    WOW! Love the new look. From cute little girl next door look to professional execute look.

    Does your significant other half have any comments about it or the typical “nice” response? :P

  2. Avatar

    Hmm… did I stumble into the wrong website? I could’ve sworn I typed “”… What have you done with the rightful owner of this blog, you temporarily-curled imposter!!! Hehe:P

    @Sheylara: Kidding aside, all three of you ladies look really lovely!:) But you ought to have tried a more obvious highlight for the kind of cash you’re shelling out (unless its on the Goonfather’s tab*winks*) Maybe the colour will show more prominently under sunlight:)

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