Unfortunately, my body never grew up

This week’s topic is fashion!

I took quite a long time with it because I had to go dig up all my old photos and scan them. So, you should read my Star Blog entry this week because:

  1. I have 20 photos showing me growing up (or not) through the years.
  2. I explain why I wear kiddy fashion.
  3. I explain why I have stopped wearing knee socks and short skirts.
  4. You love me.





Ready for it? Click here!

7 thoughts on “Unfortunately, my body never grew up

  1. Avatar

    “I don’t have to act cute; I’m naturally cute!” LOL, lame or not I love your humor, you definitely are naturally funny :)

  2. Avatar

    i dun think she luked younger.coz in my view,she quite had a mature face features.and since she wearing outfits that most teens wear,she luked more older than she is. but aniways shey, yer gd @dressing up. yer luked flawless in the pink top and black shorts.kudos.

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