The baby lizard in my bathroom

There’s a baby lizard living in my bathroom.

For the past few weeks, sometimes when I open the bathroom door and walk in, I will see it get startled and then scurry behind the toilet bowl where it is hidden from sight.

Baby lizard

I always wonder what it had been doing before I barged in on it. But it never remains in plain sight long enough for me to observe its actions.

I have always liked lizards, especially baby ones, because I think they look cute with their tiny beady eyes and little webbed feet.

But I’ve never come across the same lizard more than a few times, until this one.

I’m starting to feel some affection for this baby lizard! Maybe I will give it a name!

Baby lizard

So cute and little, it’s been showing itself regularly for weeks. It has even grown a little in size since I first saw it.

I wonder where its parents are. Do lizards have family units?

I wonder if my baby lizard is helping me keep my bathroom bug free. How cool is that?

And, best of all, the Goonfather hates lizards, so I am having a great time annoying him about it.

One day, I walked into the bathroom and I said very cheerfully, “Hello there!”

Baby lizard

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The Goonfather heard me and he said, “You’re shen jing bing (mental case) talking to a disgusting lizard!!”

I’m going to be sad if I stop seeing it one day. =(

14 thoughts on “The baby lizard in my bathroom

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    I got one lizard in my room too.. but there is also a cockroach. I think they killed each other. I am afraid of the cockroach but not the lizard. Now the lizard is about 8-9cm long.. when i first saw it, it is still a baby.

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    my friend had a lizard that lived behind a clock (or painting?) in his living room. it was kinda like a zero-maintainence house pet for him.

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    I have gecko’s in my place, but I don’t know them well enough to distinguish them apart. Plus, they are very shy and fast!

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    Yoi: Stop flattering yourself again. :P

    tvbaddict: How come the toilet bowl is also in competition?

    whynick: Um… so did your lizard kill the cockroach or what? You said they killed each other, but then your lizard is still alive?

    Kim: lolol, zero maintainence house pet. I like that. I guess my lizard is that too. :P

    minou: Baby ones are cute!

    ByPassing: Um… it got hijacked by the lizard.

    HaLLoweeN: Haha, behind the aircon. Does it peek out of the aircon once in a while?

    Ben van der Merwe: Sometimes, you can recognise them if they live in the same spot so you always see them in the same spot. And babies especially are recognisable because they’re rarer.

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