Sheylara wants to learn pole dancing

The Goonfather and I were at The Cathay when we walked past Jitterbugs, where a pole dancing class was in progress.

Pole dancing class

We watched for a while. It looked fun and the girls all looked so sexy. So I said, “I want to learn pole dancing too!!”

Immediately, the Goonfather said, “You cannot learn pole dancing.”

“Why?” I demanded to know.

I thought he was going to say something like he didn’t want guys gawking at me or something.

He beckoned me closer to him so he could whisper in my ear.

Conspiratorially, in a serious tone, he said, “Because… If you learn pole dancing, you’d be the pole.”

16 thoughts on “Sheylara wants to learn pole dancing

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    @Sheylara: Hmm… no news of The GoonFather in hospital yet… If that’s not a sign of true love, I don’t know what is:)

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    LOL, I was just thinking of the same thoughts when I saw your blog title…. It would be literally a ‘pole’ dancing :P jking ok :D

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    If you’re the pole then perhaps he’s the barrel. Anybody else wants to see pole+barrel dancing?

    Actually pretty cool right? You have a barrel with a pole in its center. The you stand on the barrel and pole dance. We can make a few of these and rent out to clubs. We can also have wheels on them.

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    Hahahaha….but srsly hor, if you take pole dancing lessons, confirm the GF will be shopping for extra new “outfits” for you one! :P :P

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    ByPassing: He’s getting predictable, isn’t he? Haha.

    RoRK: Er… no, it’s not cool, lol. Barrels just don’t have the right look for that kind of dance, sorry. :P

    Stan: Won’t lah. He totally doesn’t bother with what I wear. He will only ocassionally say “This looks nice.” But he never makes me wear anything in particular. :P

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