I will always come home to Singapore

I suppose you can say that I have a love-hate relationship with Singapore.

There are so many things to dislike about Singapore and Singaporeans. We all know what they are: The kiasu-ism. The lack of civic-mindedness. The complaining mindset. The endless comparing and judging. The greed. The rules and fines.

I always believed I would one day emigrate. So why did I change my mind?

Sheylara loves Singapore

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8 thoughts on “I will always come home to Singapore

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    Ya, it’s a love and hate relationship with Singapore for me too. I hate the kaisu-ness, the lack of courtesy in Singaporeans but i like the ease to get around and the food.

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    tvbaddict: Er… I have yet to find gravity-defying cardboard, so until then, Sentosa will have to miss out. :P

    tiger4: Hehe… I think that’s probably what most Singaporeans think. So, then, I wonder, what do the kiasu, rude people think??

    Angela: Thanks! :)

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    I’m waiting for the perseid meteor shower. 1 more hour to go! Hahaha. Okay, that and my bio-clock got screwed up again. Have been sleeping at around 4 am for the past week. :(

    So how come you can’t sleep?

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    @Sheylara: Meteor shower? Where? Duno why I can’t sleep. Watching some movies now. Maybe like you my bio-clock is faulty. Maybe thinking about the presentation I have to give tomorrow. Man I hate presentations. :(

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    Meteor shower in the sky lah! :P Check out this article: http://is.gd/2dMT1

    They say it will start to peak around 2 am, but you need to find a very dark area (without streetlights and such) to be able to see it. But I’ll just try and see from my window anyway since I’m awake. :P

    My bio clock always gets faulty cos I don’t have a day job and there is always the temptation to sleep in, then later in the night can’t sleep, and then it gets worse and worse. :P

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