Conquering the giant ice cream sundae

It seems like conquering giant food items is becoming a trend among my friends.

Shortly after conquering the giant burger at Empire State (which isn’t exactly all that big but it’s the fries that kills you), we turn our attentions next on this giant ice cream sundae.

Giant ice cream sundae

The Goonfather and I saw a display of this sundae at Benten Cafe (Iluma) recently. It looked so tempting that we mobilised our friends the very next day to conquer it.

Giant ice cream sundae

It costs $38.80 and the menu suggests that it should be shared among three to five people.

I think you’re insane if you attempt it with just three people. Five is about right, I guess.

There were six of us, and it was dinner time, so we ordered some other food to “top up” our bellies.

Salmon avocado salad:

Salmon avocado salad

Amazing. Must try!

Blue cheese honey pizza:

Blue cheese honey pizza

Super duper amazing. Super duper must try!

Blue cheese honey pizza

Avocado and cheese sandwich (I think) with mushroom soup:


It’s quite nice, according to the guys. I didn’t try it. The mushroom soup isn’t the best but it’s not too shabby.



Quite good. Standard croquette taste.

Morte also ordered the hamburger steak noodles but he was sitting too far from me so I didn’t take a picture of it. It tastes like instant Japanese noodles.

The giant ice cream, though, is amazing.

The top layer is full of fruits and cool toppings. There’s also a caramel pudding, a chocolate pudding and a piece of cake somewhere in the mix.

Giant ice cream sundae

There’s also a lot of corn flakes inside. The corn flakes are just nuts. They’re still unbelievably crispy even after 10 minutes of sitting inside the ice cream.

The bulk of the sundae is made of vanilla ice cream, so it gets kinda boring once you’ve conquered half of the sundae.

After the top half is gone, there’s just vanilla ice cream and corn flakes left, which is a truly delicious combination, but is boring after you’ve been treated to all kinds of fruits and toppings at the top.

Giant ice cream sundae

They should have thrown in some other ice cream flavours inside, I reckon.

We managed to polish it up and it wasn’t that much of a feat, although the Goonfather complained that he had ice cream coming out his ears.

I could have eaten more, actually.

Giant ice cream sundae

I will go back there again. There are still so many other delicious ice cream concoctions to try!

Benten Cafe

Benten Cafe is situated just beside the main entrance to Iluma, facing Bugis Junction.

Benten Cafe

Do you know of any other giant food items to recommend us for conquering? Share them! :)

Singapore only, please.

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