Caucasian male + Asian female = perfect match?

I thought this week’s Star Blog topic was kind of weird. Where did it come from?

I had a bit of trouble with it because it’s, like, every time I look at the topic, I do a double take kinda thing.

Anyway, I did manage to cough something out in the middle of the night, just meeting the deadline with hours to spare.

I wrote about wanting a pretty daughter with black hair and blue eyes.

Black hair, blue eyes

In the comments section, we’re now discussing the advantages of crossbreeding and how evolution actually encourages it. (Well, okay, the discussion is mostly between Yoi and myself… cos he’s bored, I think.)

We’re even using games as examples. You know, like hybrid characters in RPGs?

That’s fun!

So, come read my piece and join in the discussion, why don’t you? =)

9 thoughts on “Caucasian male + Asian female = perfect match?

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    What about Asian Male and Caucasian Female? Would their offspring be any less/more appealing?

    It’s kinda odd how the question about multi-racial Singaporeans was presented to you…

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    It’s sort of subconscious biological factor, which is related to natural selection.

    You see, each race has its own “advantages” and “disadvantages” so that they can survive well in its environment. Caucasians have better sexual natural selection advantage compare to other races (maybe due to shorter mating season) and they can easily outmatch Asians in terms of winning the mating game. Mind you, all this happens subconsciously and I think social factor doesn’t play heavy role compare to Biological factor.

    (you can read the book Race and Culture. I forgot the author’s name)

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    To Relax:
    i dun know where u read this nonsense from, but common sense wld tell u otherwise. Caucasian r white w colored eyes BCOS they lived in the North, a seasonal topography. Hence, they shld hv Longer mating season than ppl who live in areas where there is virtually no season, like the tropics, namely the blacks, indians, asian, etc. this is how they adapt to envir to survive! & statistics shld tell u tt the Caucasians r not very effective at mating. Asians out populate them 10 to 1! Even their genetic cousin, the indians fare dramatically better than them, just bcos they lve in less seasonal areas. Trust me, any race has better sexual advantage than the caucasians. Ppl only think they r ‘sexy’ bcos of the prejudice that they r of a ‘better’ race than others.

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    Well as far as i can see none of any races mentioned here have bred out so were doing okay, It is inevitable that all races will continue to mix until we all become one race most adapted to life on earth their will neither be blue eyes nor black hair all will have medium brown skin and hair and brown eyes, there are also faults with every race that need to be excluded through evolution you do not need any book, theory or philosophy it’s just plain common sense. Luv Duchess B

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    “Caucasians r not very effective at mating. Asians out populate them 10 to 1! ”

    Yeah, we’ve been using birth control and encouraging women to go to college instead of early motherhood for quite a while. So inferior huh? Look at Japan’s population decline BTW. If you think living in a place with a billion poor people is superior, then by all means, go there!

    Race mixing is just a chance for both groups to experience something different before the world is all one boring race. Asian + caucasian is a good match because it’s East meets West and both sides can appreciate each other for where they’re from, but just a warning to you Asian girls, a lot of guys are always first curious about how sex is different with an Asian girl.

    Some of us are past that stage and can only think about marrying asian women. Especially after seeing how much more wholesome asian girls are compared to white girls who are really carefree about sex with new people.

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