Can anyone explain this, please?

Anyone? Please?


In other news, two books I ordered from Amazon arrived.

In this giant box.

Books in box

I just started reading Slave: My True Story by Mende Nazer. About a little African girl who watched her village get burned and then got sold into slavery.

It’s so gripping and heart-wrenching that I stayed up reading till 5 am. And I want to forsake all my duties today and continue reading it.

But of course I won’t because I’m a very responsible person. (In case my bosses/sponsors/clients/potential benefactors are reading.)

In yet other news, someone in Plurk said something like, “Yay! It’s Wednesday already!”

My unspoken response is “Dammit, it’s Wednesday already. =(”


I do not like the passing of time. Unless I’m trapped in a dentist chair or something equally horrible, in which case, time is welcome to go as fast as it fancies, the faster the better.

Otherwise, I want a minute to be an hour. No, a minute to be a day.

Yep, I know you all want to kill me now.

But don’t forget to suggest your theories about the pencil before you do.

Have a good day!

12 thoughts on “Can anyone explain this, please?

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    I think the manufacturer wants to say that the pencil is suitable to be used for shading answer booklets which are marked using those computer linked scanning devices : )

    Just like our PSLE MCQ questions, or driving theory tests.

  2. Avatar

    I think the message is a very philosophical point that there is nothing that a computer can do that cannot be done by the human brain and a pencil (given that we have a bit of a memory limitation).

    That may be boring, but it the best I can come up with!

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    aiya~ suitable for the computer to use lor (eg Wall.E, R2D2), just like on some toys got print “suitable for children” mah~

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    Pencils can be used on computer motherboards.

    For example pencil shading a resistor to lower resistance and increase voltage, link circuits together that were not meant to be linked to unlock hidden features etc.

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