A flower to brighten your day

A flower to brighten your day.

Coffee flower
Unker Kell’s coffee at McCafe Kovan.

A message to make you smile.

Girls t-shirt
I forgot her name. =(

A sign to grab your attention.

Nipple brinjal
At an organic farm in Johor.

A steak to make you hungry.

Wagyu beef steak
Wagyu beef steak at Astons Prime.

A view to confuse your senses.

Damai Puri Resort
Damai Puri Resort.

A picture to sooth your soul.

Damai Puri Resort
Damai Puri Resort.

A sight to curl your tongue.

Seaweed shaker fries
Wang Wang’s seaweed shaker fries.

A blog to make you happy.

T-shirt sponsored by Comboutique.

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16 thoughts on “A flower to brighten your day

  1. Avatar

    Wow, a post that couldn’t get more lazy!
    A few words, a bunch of pictures and no substance whatsoever. The people we call bloggers these days. Shezzz!

    The comments aren’t any better.

    So why do I keep coming back here, again?

  2. Avatar

    By the way, haven’t you heard that a picture speaks a thousand words? lol. You can’t diss pictures. Go browse in a bookstore and you’ll notice that picture books are a LOT more expensive that books filled with texts, be they novels or self-help guides, or whatever.

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