Women fall for jerks

I have to admit that I do like a little bad in my boy.

Playful, cheeky, irreverent, smooth and charming, bold and daring, even chauvinistic.

Bad boys embody masculinity because they are confident and in full control of themselves. Women like that.

Colin Farrell

But there can be too much of a good thing. Too much bad and a guy becomes a total jerk. Not attractive.

I believe the clichéd viewpoint that women fall for jerks comes from the fact that women cannot tell real jerks from real men.

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11 thoughts on “Women fall for jerks

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    Then is the Goonfather a bad boy? ;) Hehehe

    @Sam: Good guys finish last… (Or thats what I heard? =P) I have to partly agree with Tvbaddict and SF. xD

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    I notice that you tend to write your Star Blogs like GP essays… quite unlike your usual blog posts here where you are less stiff. Do you get more nervous or pressured writing the Star Blogs?

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    TaintedCross: Yah he is. LOL.

    Thommo: That’s because the Star Blog topics are all like GP essays. And also because SB editors want us to be serious. We are asked not to be humorous. Notice that the topics in my own blogs are different from the topics in Star Blog. Different topics require different writing styles.

    yongwei92: Erm… I already have my own jerk, but thanks for the offer. :P

    vera: Haha, I think you’re right!

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