Thoughts on Female Games

I want to talk a bit about my movie, Female Games, today.

Here’s my Sinema interview:

Click to read.

Female Games is now showing at Sinema Old School, and will run till end August. Showtimes here.

After finally seeing it, I suppose I should warn you that it’s not for everyone. But then I was prepared for that. Kan (our director) told us from the start that his films have always been polarising. You either love them or hate them.


His films are the kind that win prestigious art film awards but the man in the street hates.

It’s a little different for Female Games. I think the word is: confusing. Confusion clouded my head the first time I saw it because the final edit changed everything I knew about the film when we were filming it.

I had trouble answering questions at the Q&A after the show because I was as shocked (and possibly dismayed) at the outcome of the film as the audience.

Photo from JayWalk’s blog.

There still is, of course, the expected love and hate reactions. But I get the impression that, on the whole, people don’t know whether to love or hate it.

Whatever the case, I don’t regret being in the film. Experience is priceless.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Female Games

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    Fwah, they filmed you unscripted? I’m very amazed! I never thought filming can go without a script. Was it difficult?

    I’m definitely catching it soon!

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    girl. This film is not so bad! infact it was the best film that Kan made! well. . . if i hold a concert. . . 100% came. . . but if only 40% love my performance! it already a success! afterall you can’t make everyone to like u. . .

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    @Sheylara: I guess the only person who can really shed any light on the matter is the director himself. Not that it’ll change our initial perceptions of the plot very much. That aside, I thought you turned in a sincere performance. Here’s to the next one!:)

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