These people turn me off

Some time back, I met this group of people through an Internet forum. After weeks of inane but fun online banter, I agreed to join them at one of their real-life gatherings.

That was when I realised that people could be really unkind.

The guys literally spent hours discussing how attractive or unattractive the girls they knew were, as if all that mattered about a girl was her looks. They used a secret code to rate girls. If a girl was “one paper bag”, it meant she was puke-worthy. Two paper bags meant twice the puke. I think the rating system went up to five paper bags.


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6 thoughts on “These people turn me off

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    Hi, yes you’re absolutely right!! How old was that group of people anyway? Sounds pretty immature and downright abhorable and they must be too free to be judging people from their looks. I have the exact sentiments for these people who are pots calling the kettle black. You should have shove some paper bags (and I mean 5 bag each) over their heads after your meeting!!!! :P

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    Hey, that’s a great post you have written. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and relating to the mean, ‘paper bag worthy’ people you mentioned and sometimes ask myself how some people could bring themselves to say such things about others and are ironically products of our ‘quality’ education system. I have noticed this trend all too many times while on public transport, where students from top JCs (or least wearing top JCs’ uniforms) are bitching about every single trivial thing they can possibly bitch about. Absolutely cringe worthy stuff and it wasn’t that I could avoid hearing them seeing how badly they wanted the whole train to hear what they were saying. While they were inching forward and pushing along, some could be overheard saying, “I don’t care about the people behind me.” If these are going to be our future pillars in society, I seriously fear for our country’s future.

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    I reckon the paperbags points awarders might have a low self-esteem issue. Putting others down perhaps feed their ego and hence allowing them to feel more superior than others.. But bearing in mind that what comes around, goes around so they, too might be one of those being “paperbag-rated” by their like-minded … :)

    Oh yes, I like the fishball analogy to the blockers @ trains doorways.. :) And certainly makes you wonder how bright these fellow commuters are.. if the alighting passengers don’t get out, how will they get in.. :)

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    The ppl that were with you, SERIOUSLY had no EQ. Being bad enough to be a MCP, how could they even mention such things infront to a lady. gosh….

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