The Goonfather’s stupid telephone prank

So, apparently, the Goonfather received a wrong-number call but decided to play along and pretend to be the person being called.

Caller: Harlo! Derrick!

The Goonfather: Ar…

Caller: 下个礼拜那个 postpone hor.

(Next week’s thing is postponed ok?)

The Goonfather: 什么那个?Postpone 什么?

(What thing? Postpone what?)

Caller: 那个啦!

(That thing lah.)

The Goonfather: 哪一个??

(Which thing??)

Caller: 那个啦… 不懂怎么讲。

(That thing lah. Don’t know how to say.)

The Goonfather: Har?

Caller: Francis 叫我打给你,说 postpone.

(Francis asked me to call you to tell you it’s postponed.)

The Goonfather: Francis ah? Postpone lan lah. 不可以。你跟他说。。。 NO POSTPONE.

(Francis? Postpone balls lah. Cannot. You tell him… NO POSTPONE.)

Caller: Ahh…

The Goonfather: Ok! Bye bye 我没有空!

(Ok! Bye bye. I’m not free.)


He is so going to get into trouble some day.

6 thoughts on “The Goonfather’s stupid telephone prank

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    @Sheylara: If he DOES get into trouble, its probably because you posted this event for all and sundry to read:P But still, vintage Goonfather, hehe:)

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    I can just imagine him saying “NO POSTPONE” in the same tone as Jean Yip Man saying “mo fish!”

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    Haha.. GF would be having fun everyday if he has my home number.

    Everyday i get people who are trying to get through to a government branch calling to my house instead because they somehow dialed the SG country code.. while in Singapore -_-

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