The French Vanilla burns Yang Ba

So, the Goonfather just came back from a China holiday, all excited to show me the presents he’d gotten for me.

“Deardeardear!” he said, “I brought back a menu from a Chinese restaurant for you!”

“A menu!” I said, trying to look enthusiastic, “Imagine that!”

He smiled excitedly as he thrust a large piece of paper into my hands.

Chinese restaurant menu

“Wow, a real-life menu!” I enthused, as I peeked at his luggage furtively to see if he had brought anything else back.

Of course, it turned out that the menu was the best present because it had me in stitches for a few minutes.

Chinese menu items translated into English to hilarious effect are nothing new. But to actually see one with your own eyes just kinda knocks the ground out under you.

I found myself reading every item carefully, savoring each lovingly-crafted dish name with relish.

“The Japan standing grain sauce burns the beefsteak” jumped out at me especially.

Chinese restaurant menu

It was a toss up between that and “This large handcart Liu Ba”.

I’d be delighted to meet the person who names his handcarts and offers them up as delicacies at restaurants.

Or maybe not.

“The shredded pork fries the spaghetti!” announces item number five on the global food category.

Not to be outdone, “Assorted mushroom Bacon fries the spaghetti”, too.

But neither can hold a candle to “The Sauteed Beef Fillet with Black Pepper fries the spaghetti” because everyone knows that dead cows can fry spaghetti a lot better than dead pigs can.

Especially ones that have black pepper in possession.

Chinese restaurant menu

Item number nine claims that “Singapore fries expensively tricky”.

Trust Singapore to try trumping everyone else by being expensive and tricky.

Because, a continent away, underprivileged livestock and seafood are still attempting to find their destiny.

“The lemon deep sea silver snow fish digs up” while a few hundred kilometres away, hopefully above sea level, “The onion citron pig digs up”.

Chinese restaurant menu

I think the onion citron pig might find it easier going because it’s understandably easier to dig up on land than in sea.

Hey, but how about making an example of soup?

Chinese restaurant menu

Don’t be fooled by the name. “Example soup” is actually very tasty.

I’ll forward you some as an enclosure to give you an example.

Chinese restaurant menu

In the meantime, “The western-style pig digs up the food/spaghetti”.

A winner is you!!!

Peaceful-like chicken all over the world celebrate by eating!

Chinese restaurant menu

“The peaceful-like chicken eats” and “The Hungarian chicken eats”! Triumph! Victory!

Because, just before that, Hungary attempted to eat its chicken by first braising it.

Chinese restaurant menu

I wonder who won.

Well, whoever it was that won, it sure wasn’t Wu Dong.

Chinese restaurant menu

Poor Wu Dong got fired. And over what?

Thirty-two yuan, presumably.

At least “The French vanilla burns Yang Ba” over 88 yuan, which is more than double Wu Dong’s retrenchment fee.

Chinese restaurant menu

From all this, we can take away a very useful lesson.

Whatever you do, if you ever visit China, do not, for any reason whatsoever, upset the prawn salad.

Stay away from it as much as possible.

Because it is a “Sentiment deep crazy bean prawn salad” and it will not look kindly upon laughing tourists.

Chinese restaurant menu

You have been warned.

12 thoughts on “The French Vanilla burns Yang Ba

  1. Avatar

    OMG I can’t stop laughing. Everyone in my work place thinks I’m crazy. One of the funniest posts yet!

  2. Avatar

    I can imagine your look when TGF tells you he got you a menu as a present. => -_-”

    Who knows it turns out to be such a good idea and a great gift. At least we have the chinese words to know what the dish is. Think about the poor ang moh…. LOL

  3. Avatar

    Hahahaha…..this is funny. I had a bad start this morning, but seeing this and laughing at it…I felt better.


  4. Avatar

    It appears that the English part of the menu is translated using Babelfish. Try using Babelfish to translate the Chinese menu to English and you will find the exact same words as the result.

  5. Avatar

    @Sheylara: The “Ba”s remind me of what some people like to end their sentences with:) By the way, what’s the proper name of “Example soup”? Coz you knew it was tasty from the get-go:)

  6. Avatar


    This is the BEST present that Goonfather ever gotten you! Got me into stitches! Now whenever he makes you angry, he just needs to hand you the menu and you’ll cheer up instantly!

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