Sore throat remedy and other randomness

I spent an hour writing about my band performance on Sunday but my writing was so dry and boring that my toes started to itch and I ended up deleting the entry in a fit of rage.


Actually, my toes are itching because I think there’s something wrong with the pair of sneakers I was wearing on Sunday. This isn’t the first time those shoes have made my toes itch.

I think it’s time to donate them to my enemies.

Okay. I just gave my toes a calamine lotion bath. That’ll teach whatever parasites are feeding on my toes.

I suppose you don’t want to see a picture of that, so here’s a happy one, instead.


Free smiles!

By the way, Unker Kell has a question to ask everyone.

He wants to know how the following picture illustrates that the black pig in question is free from stress:


This photo was spotted on a menu at Tampopo, a Japanese restaurant in Liang Court.

Pig 2

Tampopo is famous for its black pig dishes. But, honestly, if I am going to be eating your pigs, I don’t want to know about them being happy and stress-free, or that they can juggle oranges, just before they get slaughtered to feed me.

I’ve always had problems with happy animal mascots.


I mean, seriously. Can you trust a chicken who is enthusiastically persuading you to eat its comrades?

What, do they expect people to be, like, “Ooh, you cute widdle chicken, how I would love to eat you”?

Not that cute animal mascots will stop me from eating fried chicken if the fried chicken were really good. But it’s still sick, and I don’t like being reminded that we all have a bit of sick in us.

Gim Goh
Gim Goh Yunkai, comedian, who describes himself as “frenly ass around the neighbourhood”, which is a little bit sick, in a way.

Speaking of sick, everybody, and I mean everybody, is falling sick.

Anyone that doesn’t has H1N1 has regular flu.

If you’re having a sore throat, I’d like to recommend traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

I used to get sore throats A LOT in the past, like a few times a year, and they would last weeks, no matter how religiously I drank warm lemon honey or gargled with salt water or took antibiotics.


With Chinese medicine, my sore throats heal in 1-3 days, depending on the severity.

Just go to any TCM shop and ask for sore throat powders or pills. Different shops offer different types, but most of them work. Just be sure to get the homemade types and not the commercially packaged types, which don’t work as well.

Note, though, that the powder, which you have to mix with water, is very bitter, so bitter that you will wish you’d never been born when taking it. But it’s really worth it if you want to get rid of your sore throat quickly.

And buy this:

Golden Throat Lozenge

It’s called Golden Throat Lozenge and it will soothe your throat and help in healing, in between your powder/pill medication. Available at almost all TCM shops.

I took these cute little pills yesterday because I started feeling a minor sore throat.

Sore throat pills

After two dosages, my sore throat was gone!

Um… I don’t know about cures for other flu symptoms, cos they don’t bother me as much as sore throats do. I hate sore throats with a vengeance, which was why I made it my life’s purpose to find the most effective cure possible.

Okay, I don’t want to leave you with a buffoon-faced image of me (first pic on top), so here’s a proper pic to displace the buffoonness.


And another for good measure!


On the subject of camwhoring, guess whose photo I just found in my camera?

The Goonfather

The surprises you get when you leave your camera unattended for a while!

19 thoughts on “Sore throat remedy and other randomness

  1. Avatar

    @Sheylara: In answer to Kell’s question, its probably coz the pic shows yonder pig ambling along instead of running for its life:P Hmm, I can just envision the endorsements for TCM products lining up at your door:)

  2. Avatar

    It’s barely noticeable, but you could tell that he’s stress-free from that subtle grin, and he’s probably in a good mood too :)!

    Btw, I was Suspicious Man, remember me :D? Enjoy your day!

  3. Avatar

    with regard to the pig, i think it’s ’cause it seems like a “free-range” or “cage-free” animal.

    when you look at most farms across the world, especially in the usa, the animals are kept in cages that do not allow them to turn their heads or stretch their limbs without touching the cages. the cages for pigs are so small, they can only move a little forward or a little backwards. there is no room for them to turn at all and the openings are just enough for them to stick their snout out to feed. some cages don’t even allow the animals to stand up.

    it’s ridiculously inhumane. i know we eat animals and that’s not very humane either from some perspective perhaps, but at the very least, i think we should let them live while they’re alive. being caged is not living. can you imagine being trapped in a cage barely wider than yourself most of your life?

  4. Avatar

    oh, upon looking at the picture again, i noticed the words 自然牧场 on the top-left corner. i think that means a “free-range” farm. so it backs my hypothesis.

  5. Avatar

    RN1209: Hahah… your explanation is funny. :P Um… I’m not sure I want to endorse medicine, though. lol.

    tvbaddict: GF is cute???????

    plankton: Oh, hah. So what made you decide to stop being suspicious man? :P Yeah, now that you mention it, the pig does seem to be grinning. lol.

    hanzspiritx: Hey, good to see you here, too! Thanks for dropping by my blog! ;) You are right about the pigs, of course. Unker Kell just likes to be difficult sometimes. :P Anyway, I find it quite funny (hilarious) that the menu decided to use “free of stress” rather than “free range”. It’s just kinda funny to imagine pigs being either stressed or not stressed!

  6. Avatar

    @Sheylara: If its a well-paying gig, I don’t think you should limit your options, though I do understand your reluctance. You never know what kind of side effects may occur on a product you endorse:P In any case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! *hugz* :D

  7. Avatar

    abraxis: Erm…. it wasn’t intentional, actually.

    starmist: I found Tampopo okay only leh. For some reason, I still prefer the pork in Santouka, which is more fragrant and melt-in-your-mouth. I ordered the BBQ black pork ramen, and the soup was a bit too salty. But the salmon salad was awesome. Haha.

    MeeSiam: Nasi lemak also heaty lor!

    DPL: Why maihum? Hum very heaty meh?

    TK: O_o Thank goodness for small blessings.

    RN1209: Of course I never limit my options. Must wait for offer first what. But since there is no offer, I can say anything, lol.

  8. Avatar

    ooh.. okie.. i hvnt tried the salmon salad. maybe i shld try it the next time! as for santouka… haha.. i think i smsed you abt it, but i’ve not tried e pork there.. maybe i shld……

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