Should the boss always be the one to pay?

The most socially awkward situations in life, I feel, revolve around money. How many times have we gone out on casual dates, meets or business lunches where it’s a little ambiguous who should pay for the meal?

And there’s always this brief awkward moment when the other party takes the check, and you try to pay him for your share but he waves your money away?

So you mumble thanks and put your money back into your wallet awkwardly, because you don’t want to offend him by refusing his treat but, at the same time, you wonder if it’s equally rude to allow him to pay.


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6 thoughts on “Should the boss always be the one to pay?

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    Eh…buy me dinner 2!
    Tvbaddict: let us fix a time and place for sheylara to buy us dinner! Lolx
    Sheylara: thank you boss:)

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