Lousy musician, weird fan mail

My first public performance as a drummer!

Okay, this isn’t a particularly exciting piece for me to showcase since the drumming for this song is supposed to be understated and unexciting. But this is the only video I have.

And Cheryl Sim is an amazing singer so it’s worth watching. (I had two two different vocalists, by the way, both named Cheryl.)

Anyway, I left my camera with the guys and I think this footage was shot by Unker Kell, using The Goonfather as a tripod.

I’m glad they didn’t film the other song because I was a mess in that one. I totally suck as a music performance artiste. I’m only kind of good for posing as one.

My Girly Band

In the above picture is the other Cheryl, who sang Sweet Child ‘O Mine.

And… introducing my future band mate: Minou!

Minou and Sheylara

She just started taking electric piano lessons at The Music Lab. We’re going to perform together in the next student concert!

Playing at The Crazy Elephant was nice. Felt like a real gig, with a real audience, unlike a regular student concert filled with friends and family who smile and nod at you encouragingly even though you suck.

My Girly Band @ The Crazy Elephant

We all didn’t have, like, band names. On the programme sheet, we’re listed as Band 1, Band 2, Band 3, etc.

I didn’t bring the programme sheet home with me cos my friends spilled chilli sauce on it while I was on stage performing.

By the way (and this is totally unrelated), a stranger recently e-mailed me asking if I had a boyfriend because he wants to ask me out on a date.

I replied, “I am attached but thanks for your e-mail.”

He said, “Do you mind having another bf?”

We went back and forth a little with him trying to get my number and me politely declining until I got tired of replying. It was getting ridiculous so I just ignored the whole thing for a bit.

And then… I got this:

“If you don’t want to give that person a chance, at least give yourself a chance to open up to more choices and possibilities. Should get to know more guys while you still young, while you still can! I mean…this is the 21st century and people are talking about women liberalising.. Furthermore, you’re so pretty..It will be such a waste if you constraint your whole life to just one guy. It’s an exciting world out there. Prove me wrong..?”

Total flabbergastation.

I didn’t reply that because I don’t think any reply in the world can do that piece of work any justice.


Six days later…

He e-mailed me one more time.

He said, “I guess you are not as spontaneous as Fiona Xie…”


Excuse me?

43 thoughts on “Lousy musician, weird fan mail

  1. Avatar

    good lord. probably subscribes to the notion of “No means Yes”

    Women are more liberal and modern in the 21st century, but some men obviously still hold on to chauvinistic thinking from the 19th century!

  2. Avatar

    eh…u volunteered me for the student concert lor…

    when my instructor ask whether i like performing i gave him a horrified face lor!!

  3. Avatar

    Honeymeow: Yah, apparently. ;)

    brian: Haha.. great observation about the 19th century thinking. Well, I must say it’s quite fun playing in a band. I just need to become a better drummer. :P

    tvbaddict: A famous Singapore actress.

    naeboo: I never heard of any Fiona Xie stories. I seldom read entertainment news. So I guess if there was a reference in the guy’s statement, I didn’t catch it.

    Minou: Wahahaha. I already asked Alvin to place you in my band in the next concert. :P

  4. Avatar

    I cannot take credit for the tripodisation of TGF, sorry. I think he did that all by himself.

    And yeah, the vocals were on Fire, pardon the pun.

  5. Avatar

    i dont read entertainment news also. sometimes maybe but esply not singaporean and msian ones lar.

    i heard from someone who was there at a steve aoki event. she was there too. and ….


  6. Avatar

    How do you mean about the tripodisation of TGF? I still can’t quite picture how you guys did what you claimed you did.

    And. Yah. Very funny. Hur hur.

  7. Avatar

    nice gig there.

    as for the guy who emailed you, being open to options does not mean you have to flirt around. it is another excuse for him to try to score another mark in his record books.

  8. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Great job during the concert! I think a 2-song set is way too fast for you to really warm up, but its good for gaining experience. Hope I can drop by when you next perform with Minou:) “Flabbergastation”, eh? Is that some new petrol kiosk?:P

  9. Avatar

    Yeah, RN1209, where they extract petrol from flab…

    I also have no idea how it was done, since I already said I wasn’t responsible for it; ie, I never used TGF as a tripod, bipod, ipod or whatever-pod… :P

  10. Avatar

    Lol! The Goonfather is indeed a bad boy ;) (Previous post comment) xD

    Maybe the old trick of girls playing hard to get is still in that guy’s head? o.0

    Nice concert, by the way; like the rhythm of the drums!

  11. Avatar

    This just further proves my theory of Fiona Xie sleeping her way up in Mediacorp is probably right, given the fact she can’t act to save her life, is always pretending to be cute and you wonder how come she is the ambassador of so many brands and she gets to be part of the 7 Princesses.

  12. Avatar

    nice video. would love to see the sweet child video too though. and is that cheryl tay? i find her pretty charismatic.

    as for the weird fan, i don’t see how having more than one boyfriend equates to being liberal. and what exactly is being “wasted” by sticking to one partner? gotta give credit for his “you still young” compliment though. =)

  13. Avatar

    That person either is a reporter who has too much time on his hands or he is a old pervert seeking for some young girls as thier next victim…wahahaha
    Hope he never sees this…Lolx

  14. Avatar

    tiger4: Some people are just funny. Don’t know what they’re really thinking!

    RN1209: Hmm, true, but I couldn’t handle more than 2 songs. I kept worrying that I would mix up the grooves in the 2 songs. Sometimes I do that when practising lol. Next performance should be January.

    Mince Pye: Huh? Then who was using whom as a tripod? That’s what I was told.

    TaintedCross: Uh… usually girls who are attached can’t be bothered with playing hard to get, right? Haha.

    wondergenius: Haha. Okay lah, I think he’s just trying to be funny.

    PamElanessa: Uh, but she IS very pretty. And I think her acting is quite good leh. :P But I dunno, seldom watch TV anyway.

    hanzspiritx: That’s Cheryl Tay in the photo. In the video is Cheryl Sim. :P Haha… focus on the compliments, ignore the crap stuff. :P

    aaron: Why would a reporter waste time writing silly e-mails to a blogger? lol. Hmm… I don’t really like to write about parties, tbh. Parties are fun to attend, not so fun to write about.

  15. Avatar

    She’s just above average, comparing to the other actresses in Mediacorp. My cousin used to be her neighbour before she shot to fame, and back then she was already bimbotic enough.

    Did you watch Extreme Gourmet where they went to various places in China to eat the weirdest foods ever? Fiona was one of the guest stars for 2 weeks and she was the worst guest star ever, always trying to act cute and flirting with the male co-host, and going “will u be my herooooo…..” whenever she didnt want to eat whatever was placed in front of her. Ugh.

  16. Avatar

    Wow. Got such music schools. Gigs somemore. Interesting! Just curious. How long b4 e first performance?

  17. Avatar

    starm|st: Well, sometimes interesting, sometimes stressful. :P

    PamElanessa: I’ve seen trailers of Extreme Gourmet, not the actual show. I suppose some people will find her too cutesy and teh, but I think for every person that hates that, probably 100 hot-blooded males love it. :P

    ryangel: Depends on how fast you pick up, I suppose? But we have students who get to perform after a few months of learning. Let me know if you want to sign up. Maybe can get you some deals. :)

  18. Avatar

    yea, was referring to the photo. pity didn’t get to see her sing. anyway crazy elephant is one great place to be performing at. the school sure has connections huh.

  19. Avatar

    Anyone know name of school ? Or webby? I think was mentioned before. A little lazy to check. ^^ thanks. but I’m only interested in piano. Dont think a band has piano. lol

  20. Avatar

    PamElanessa: Cooool! If you do, we can do the next concert together! ;) Let me know if you’re going to sign up. I’ll leave your name with them for discounts.

    hanzspiritx: The instructors at my school are/were all actual performing musicians so I guess they know the industry very well. They did take videos of the entire show, so maybe Cheryl Tay’s video will be up some time… haha.

    ryangel: It’s called The Music Lab. http://themusiclab.com.sg/

    And they do offer electric piano courses. Minou is taking classes in that now. ;) Check out this video of a previous student concert also at The Crazy Elephant which features a piano-heavy piece. Very nice! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0ZWTLdtNi4

  21. Avatar

    @sheylara: Yar…..For me, i attend the party, have fun, then when i get home and try to think of what happened, i only remember the fun parts but dont know how to describe…Lol

  22. Avatar

    Sheylara: How many pple does it take to form a group for group lessons? Im thinking of asking my music team’s singers if they all wanna brush up on their vocals together with me. =)

  23. Avatar

    Thanks sheylara! I’m more into classical music though. but good to know got this kinda options for my daughter next time. ^^

  24. Avatar

    cute : Win

    Naturally cute : Win

    Acting cute : Fail

    makes a living out of acting cute : Epic phale.

    Someone pass me teh ketchup!

  25. Avatar

    Thanks JuN! Um… since this is a student showcase, it’s a one-time band, lol. We were put together just for this and there weren’t enough bassists to go around. Haha.

  26. Avatar

    Yeah, I’m a bassist but a lazy one =P
    I’m pretty much self taught but I try to pick up tips frm ppl I knw here n there.

    Well, I guess the important thing is to enjoy the music cos there will always be a million ppl better than us.

  27. Avatar

    Haha okay. Why not come take lessons at my school, then you can join my band for the next student showcase! :P

    But I do admire self-taught musicians. It really requires a lot of discipline!

  28. Avatar

    haha, I would love to have some proper lessons, provided I could get myself free from work & studies.

    lolz…I’m not very discipline too, unless I really have to.

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