Being vain is a chore

In the midst of a dizzying week!

Besides frantically practising for my student concert, trying to iron out as many kinks as possible in my drum grooves, I also have tons of appointments.

Sheylara at drums

Like, everyone wants me THIS WEEK and no week else.

I have meetings, events, shoots, interviews and birthday parties, on top of my gym classes, band concert and Shape Run 09. And, of course, blogging.

Birthday cake
Three pairs of hands trying to figure out how to unwrap the protective sheet around our birthday cake.

Busy all the way till Sunday. Sorry for the lack of GGFs for three weeks. Regular service should be resuming next week!

I AM PERFORMING ON SUNDAY!! Stressed! Still making mistakes at today’s rehearsal. Ack.


Me and my band girls! I only met Jocelyn (guitarist) one month ago and Cheryl (vocalist) two weeks ago. We’ve only had, like, three short rehearsals together, due to some unfortunate circumstances.

But it’s a lot of fun (if you minus all the stress).

I think we should be able to sound coherent on Sunday. Come and support our event, okay?

This Sunday, 6pm – 9pm, at The Crazy Elephant. I still don’t know what time we’re on, though.

Fugene and Sheylara

Above: Fugene, our band director, also Jocelyn’s guitar instructor.

I camwhored in a hotel toilet yesterday. Was at Carlton Hotel for a business lunch.

I needed to decide whether to tuck my hair behind my ears or let it down for a photoshoot I was going for later in the day.

So I took photos to help me. Sometimes, photographs show you things you don’t see in the mirror.



I decided to go with tucking behind ears cos I think it makes me look friendlier.

Then, on my way to the MRT station, with the stupid wind blowing my hair everywhichway, I changed my mind and decided to go with loose hair. So I removed my hair pin.

Anyway, my outfit yesterday didn’t really go well with neat hair.

Being vain is such a chore!


I mean, seriously, I wish I didn’t care about my looks so much. But if I don’t care about it, other people will. And I’m loathe to let others do what I can do myself, because I know I can do it better.

I know you don’t really understand that, but never mind. It makes me more enigmatic if you don’t understand me all the time.

I had this for dinner on Wednesday night:

Sheylara's dinner

I was dining alone. I know you think I’m a very sad person for having to dine alone. But I love dining alone in a quiet restaurant.

It’s so peaceful. I can do my favourite thing — eat and read. I really think there’s nothing more enjoyable in the world than eating and reading!

I also really wanted to try these mini oriental burgers. This was at a Chinese eatery in Iluma. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant because it’s some obiang Chinese name.

But I will go back again and take more photos and remember the name cos the food is yummy! The above meal cost me $15. Quite reasonable!

Well, happy Friday, everyone! You all love Fridays but I hate Fridays.

I have TGIF envy.

12 thoughts on “Being vain is a chore

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    Haha…good luck on the concert…but seriously, a band that get along well would be the best band as if there were any mistakes, they would know how to cover it up so that the audience would not even know that there was a mistake

  2. Avatar

    Thats a really good deal for all that…i guess the whole world is jumping on the mini burger train. They call them sliders over here, but its the same thing ha ha. i like to tweet while i eat sometimes, have a good one Shey. Bon apetit!!!

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