Desperate for Internet in Kuching

I’m in Sarawak on a media trip and taking a rare opportunity of having free wireless Internet access to update my blog.

We’re at Redeems Centre, a sort of ethnic community centre, celebrating the closing of Gawai, an ethnic festival.

Since yesterday, after we arrived at Kuching, Nanny Wen and I have been terribly deprived of Internet access, not willing to pay RM25 an hour for hotel broadband.

So, today, when we discovered there was wireless in one of the rooms in Redeems, we immediately became Siamese twins with our phones. Much to the amusement of our male compatriots.

They call us Internet addicts and laughed at our gleeful faces every time our tour of the premises brought us within the wireless range, which wasn’t very often.

We would start attacking our phones the moment we came within range, Wen on her Blackberry and me on my iPhone. It makes me feel anti-social but I have a social responsibility to update my blog and Plurk and Twitter!

We’re staying in a Bidayuh longhouse tonight, kinda primitive lodgings. Like, there’s no aircon or hot water for showers and lots of mosquitoes. But it’s an interesting experience, plus there’s a lot of yummy tuak (rice wine)!!

We are probably going to drink ourselves silly tonight, after which we will sleep for two hours and then attempt to complete our 10km mountain race within record time.

Wish us luck? We’ll need shatloads of it.

7 thoughts on “Desperate for Internet in Kuching

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    So how did it go? Hope you didn’t really drink yourselves silly just before an arduous up-hill hike…

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    i am still giggling to myself that two city girls who grow up enjoying all forms of man-made conveniences end up conquering the raw mountains of Sarawak. well done!

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    Thanks, all! :) I didn’t drink myself silly after all. Was too sensible for that! But I only had an hour’s sleep before that!

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